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Skin Care For Men

How many people enjoy hugging their luggage? Not many. Us men (yes, we’re straight steak eating men) need to look after our skin so we don’t turn into LV suitcases with eyes by the time we hit 40. Solariums and general cooking in the sun are usually the worst for aging your skin. Regardless you should still look after your skin.

As a guy you’ll fit into one of 3 categories.

The I don’t give a damn guy.
You’re tuff, rough and the only thing you need in the shower is a good woman and bar of soap from the local supermarket.

The I sorta care guy.
He owns a moisturizer and a cleanser only because his ex girlfriend bought them for him in an attempt to help with his blackhead problem.

The I’m afraid of getting old guy.
Sadly, I fit in this category. I look after my skin and can actually tell if my face begins peeling off from using the wrong cleanser. Luckily I like steak.

If you have never thought of looking after your skin, go and grab yourself some products from the likes of Dermalogica, Zirh, Anthony. Trust me, you’ll thank me one day.


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19 May, 2008

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief