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Wife Material: Odette Yustman

After flying back into Melbourne recently I spotted a young lady who in all honesty was ‘Wife Material‘. Upon getting to know her it became clear she was a psycho hose beast. However I felt it was probably a good addition to add some of music, entertainment and modern dance’s more eligible, respectable and beautiful young ladies.

First cab off the rank has to be Cloverfield’s star, Odette Yustman. Whilst her name might be odder (no pun intended) than a midget in a top drawer, she would be more than happy to take your surname providing your bank account or record label was GFC resilient.

Apparently a down to earth girl who grew up on a farm somewhere and didn’t mind a leisurely roll in the hay. Can you blame her?

Check out her recent GQ Photoshoot

23 Jan, 2009

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief