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Style Spotlight: Clint Eastwood

No man has ever tamed women and the wild west quite like Clint Eastwood. With the combination of stiff upper lip and slight squint, he was able to strike fear into the heart of many a gun slinger. With 66 films to his name – as a director and actor it’s hard to not be impressed with his success.

Eastwood was and still is an icon of utter masculinity. Specifically, he’s renown for his prowess with the opposite sex. He played up like a second hand lawnmower for much of his life. So much so, Wikipedia has a whole section dedicated to it. Impressive.

Clint’s style is less about what he wears on his body, but more about what he wears on his face. Do yourself a favour and rent a few of his DVDs. You just might learn a thing or three.


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17 Jun, 2010

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief