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Top 5 Designer iPad Covers

It’s all very well having an iPad, but what good is having one if it’s not protected with the best case money can buy? Whilst you may think spending thousands on a case is simply stupid, there will be some of us who post rationalise the need for a uber premium designer ipad case.

Here are some of our picks.

Gucci iPad Cases – They come in six variations and are all made from the best leather money can buy. Personally I prefer the plain black one. (Above)

Hermes iPad CaseHermes as per always have their finger on the pulse. This leather iPad case is one to keep for the grandkids. We’d gladly grab this in brown.

Bottega Veneta iPad Cases – Look as if they were made to be sold at a Moroccan flea market. They’re shabby but very chic.

YSL iPad Case – Sure it might say it’s for women, but it’s a million times better looking than the men’s version.

Dior Homme iPad Case – And of course the one which we posted last year still remains a favorite.


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6 May, 2011

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief