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Bradley Cooper: Style Spotlight

Bradley Cooper is more than a man with a killer hangover – he’s also a man with a killer sense of style. So far Bradley Cooper’s screen time has been mostly limited to playing the lovable best friend or the irredeemable douchebag, but his range off-screen has proven to be considerably more varied.

One minute he’s rocking an all-American look on the street, the next he’s the consummate ladies man on the red carpet, and before you can say “What the hell is this tiger doing in my bathroom?” he’s gracing the covers of GQ and Esquire in a perfectly tailored three-piece suit.

Bradley Cooper’s enviable style is based on two staple pieces: the impeccably-cut suit just mentioned, and a mile-wide smile. He keeps it classic with a dark palate, but adds freshness by incorporating blue and grey suits into his wardrobe along with more traditional black pieces. Shirts with fashion-forward prints and accessories like ties, scarves, and that trademark smile, round out the look. For more casual affairs, the perfect ensemble is simple: jeans, a fitted t-shirt, a leather jacket, and just a hint of rugged five o’clock shadow.

If you want Bradley Cooper’s style, drop some dough to make sure your suit is tailored to perfection, and consider purchasing Groupon’s next teeth whitening deal. Genius.


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26 Jun, 2011

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief