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Clint Eastwood: Style Spotlight

If you asked fashion’s elite if a wardrobe influenced by the grizzled stars of the westerns of yesteryear could ever be considered stylish, their response would probably be to trample you with the immaculate red soles of their 6-inch Louboutins. But Clint Eastwood – a man whose 10-gallon hat holds 10 gallons of style – has achieved exactly that impossible feat.

Clint Eastwood’s wardrobe exemplifies the rugged masculinity of America’s cowboys without becoming comically overstated. Denim is a staple, in its various forms, as are boots and western-style shirts. To avoid looking like you’re wearing a children’s Halloween costume, don’t try to wear all of these pieces at once, and stick to dark-washed denim and tailored shirts.

As famous as he is for his grizzled cowhand look, Eastwood also knows how to knock it out of the park on the red carpet. When it’s time to get gussied up, he favors the classic elegance of understated suits and traditional tuxedos. The yarns etched into Clint Eastwood’s deeply-lined, well-worn face provide the finishing touch to his timeless style.

Whether you favor the rugged rebel look or his well-groomed, dapper red carpet attire, Clint Eastwood’s ageless style has something to make everyone feel lucky.


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17 Jun, 2011

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief