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How to be Don Draper

Ask anyone who the most suave man on television is, and 9 times out of 10 “Don Draper” will be the answer. Mad Men’s infamous antihero is currently the coolest cat on TV, owing to the unbeatable combination of a dapper wardrobe, immaculate grooming habits, and a confident attitude that the women can’t resist.

There’s not a man alive these days who doesn’t want a piece of the Draper pie – the trick is understanding how to capture his classic style without looking dated or outmoded. Follow these tips to replicate Don’s style without looking like you just stepped out of the ‘60s:

  • Execs like Draper aren’t known as “suits” for nothing. A good suit should be the foundation of any fashionable man’s wardrobe. The perfect suit is a dark, understated color, and features a slim cut silhouette and two vents.
  • Tailored, fitted looks should always be chosen over looser clothing that can easily look sloppy.
  • Accessories make the man, so don’t ignore the details. Items like hats, watches, cuff links, and pocket squares are all opportunities to show off your unique sense of style.

Cigarette, crisp white shirt (with French Cuff), skinny black tie and RE Aviator sunglasses.

Simple grey suit, crisp white shirt and fine print tie.

And don’t forget the most powerful accessory of all: the Don Draper swagger. Cultivate an attitude that drips confidence from every pore, and you can make any outfit look good.


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