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How To Shine Your Shoes Like A Man Who Gives A Damn

Shoes that look like they’ve spent the last 6 months trekking through the Amazonian rainforest will not get you that promotion you’ve had your eye on, or the number of that supermodel you’ve been checking out from across the bar.

A basic shoeshine kit includes a tin of polish, a horsehair brush, an applicator such as a rag or polish brush, and a shine cloth.

Once you’ve assembled the necessary equipment:

  1. Spread a newspaper or old towel over the area you’ll be working on to protect it.
  2. Remove any dirt and dust that is coating your shoes with the horsehair brush
  3. Using the rag or polish brush, apply a generous amount of polish to the shoe.
  4. When the polish has dried, buff the shoe to a mirror-like sheen with the shine cloth or a shine brush, paying particular attention to the toe and heel.
  5. Finally, shine until an army sergeant would be proud, or your girlfriend can stare into your shoes and ask who is the fairest of them all.

Visit ShoeShineKit.com to get yourself set up.


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12 Jun, 2011

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief