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Vincent Cassel: Style Spotlight

Vincent Cassel: Style Spotlight
This Cesar award winning French actor has an impressive resume: Black Swan, the Ocean’s Trilogy, 2011’s A Dangerous Method, husband of Monica Bellucci.  He is also the face of Yves Saint Laurent’s 2009 fragrance “La Nuit de l’Homme,” and a man with an impeccable sense of style.

So what exactly is it that makes him such a sartorial success?  Is it a team of expert Hollywood stylists?  Is it the classic French “je ne sais quoi?”  According to Cassel, it all comes down to Fred Astaire.

Vincent Cassel: Style Spotlight 2

“To me he is the epitome of class,” Cassel once said of Astaire.  “I always thought he was so well dressed having a handkerchief that matched his shirt, the peg trousers and the correspondent shoes. Magnificent!”

With his passion for style ignited, Cassel turned to the early 20th century for inspiration.  He fell in love with the two-tone shoes and natty suits of Thirties and Forties France, and found style icons in French movie stars.  Now he believes that style means taking risks while still looking like yourself

“Fashion is a game but an important one because it mirrors the time we live in,” he told Vogue.  “I’m not a slave to fashion trends, I opt for classic clothes. Following trends too closely can be dangerous; it can become an addiction. The malaise of our society.”


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15 Jan, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief