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Adrien Brody: Style Spotlight

Adrien Brody Style Spotlight
Adrien Brody is a man who knows no fear.  For The Pianist, he lost almost 30 pounds, gave up his apartment, and was dumped by his girlfriend.  For Dummy, he learned ventriloquism and puppetry.  He also played a mentally disabled young man, a shell-shocked war veteran, and a genetic engineer who attempts to splice together the DNA of different animals in order to create hybrid creatures for medical use.

Brody also knows no fear when it comes to style.  He shines most in formal attire, from classic grey and pinstriped suits to more daring velvet tuxedos.  Style is all in the details, as far as Brody is concerned.  Traditional ensembles are given a modern twist with eye-catching silver necklaces, fedoras, pocket squares, leather gloves, and open French cuffs.

Adrien Brody Style Spotlight 2

And then there is Brody’s most famous accessory: scarves.  Brody throws men’s fashion for a loop with ties worn underneath shirts like scarves or necklaces, tuxedos worn with ascots rather than bowties, and the one-of-a-kind combination of an ascot around the neck and an untied scarf draped around the shoulders.

Brody is one of Hollywood’s most well-dressed men, and he holds the title of Esquire’s Best Dressed Man in America in 2004 to prove it.


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4 Feb, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief