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20 Best Men’s Wallets (2012 Edition)

Back again for 2012. We feature our favourite men’s wallets from around the web. You’ll notice this year that we’re big on colour. Card holders are still a winner, zip cases too, for the traditional types there’s bi fold wallets. Enjoy.

Note: If you’re looking for the 2011 Best Men’s Wallets feature, it’s here. Find the 2013 Edition here. Click here for the Best Wallets for 2014.

Men’s Wallet #1 – Paul Smith Burnished Leather Card Holder
The material is the real star of the Burnished Leather Card Holder by Paul Smith. Lightweight, slim, and simple, Paul Smith keeps the details minimal – four card slots, a central receipt sleeve, and an embossed logo – to allow the beautiful pre-aged brown calfskin leather to take center stage.  (Price: $160.00 BUY)

Wallet #2 – WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie Kennedy Leather Card Holder
It doesn’t take more than a quick glance to see that the Kennedy Leather Card Holder is something special. It exudes luxury from every pore and perfectly-shaped angle, upgrading your pocket from ordinary to extraordinary with just one tiny touch. (Price: $115.00 BUY)

Wallet #3 – Comme Des Garcons Half-zipped Leather Wallet
If King Midas was in the market for a wallet, the Comme Des Garcons Half-zip Embossed-leather wallet might be exactly what he was looking for. The tan leather has a gorgeous golden glow to it and an embossed diamond design that really up the ante in the accessories game.  (Price: $140.00 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #4 – Burberry Leather Card Holder
This leather card holder from Burberry Shoes & Accessories is so compact that Michelle Pfeiffer could wear it under her latex Catwoman costume and you wouldn’t even know it was there. The fashion-forward mustard yellow color also deserves a shout-out for scoring the piece a spot on this list.  (Price: $185.00 BUY)

Wallet #5 – Comme Des Garcons Neon Orange Zip
Neon is THE thing in fashion right now, so why not indulge your inner raver with the Neon Orange Zip Wallet from Comme Des Garcons? Unzip the so-bright-it-might-burn-your-eyes wallet to reveal a neon green, blue, and orange interior with card slots, a note compartment, and a press-stud coin pocket.  (Price: $230.00 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #6 – Surface To Air Soft Leather Card Holder
The Surface To Air Large Soft Leather Wallet is the perfect way to nurture your inner rockstar. The dark pebbled leather is exactly what the rock ‘n’ roll doctor ordered, while the silver stud closure and large exposed zipper at the back give it a dash of punk edge.  (Price: $295.00 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #7 – Dsquared2 Black Classic Card Holder
Dsquared2’s Black Classic Card Holder takes a no-frills approach to carting around your cash and plastic. It’s 4 x 2.5 inches of glossy black leather and tone and tone stitching, with two pockets and a logo stamp. If you’re in the market for something simple, classic, and unostentatious, this holder fits the bill.  (Price: $165.00 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #8 – Maison Martin Margiela Raw Black Bi-Fold Wallet
The Raw Black Bi-Fold Wallet from Maison Martin Margiela is a welcome departure from the wallet status quo. It’s got all the basics – card slots, note compartments, and an embossed logo print – but it’s made from a marked textile material that gives it a well-worn, grungy look that breaks with the classic leather look for a casual and cool aesthetic.  (Price: $410.00 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #9 – Yves Saint Laurent Black Card Case
For something a little more innovative, try the Black Card Case from Yves Saint Laurent. On the outside, it looks like any other card case – black pebbled leather, press stud closure, a logo-embossed silver detail on the front – but take a look inside, at the interior pockets, and this piece becomes unique.  (Price: $250.00 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #10 – Daniele Alessandrini Soft Leather Crocodile Print
For those days when you’re feeling sartorially daring, D.A. Daniele Alessandrini has crafted this stand-out piece. Made from a supple and soft leather, the crocodile print and heavy zip closure make a stylish statement that would make any pocket look good.  (Price: $95.00 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #11 – Boris Bidjan Saberi Men’s Small Wallet
Ok, I’ll admit it: my first reaction to the Boris Bidjan Saberi Men’s Small Wallet was “Wait, this is a men’s wallet?” But after staring at my computer screen for a few more minutes, it grew on me. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before, and that alone is enough reason to own it. Add in the fact that uses stingray-hide beading (Seriously! Stingray!), and I’m totally sold.  (Price: £260.00 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #12 – Acne Men’s Card Holder
When I picture the Acne Men’s Card Holder in action, I see a Don Draper-style businessman – uber-powerful and self-assured – with expensive tastes and a classically handsome sense of style. Even if that’s not you yet, this accessory will put you one step closer to living the Mad Men dream.  (Price: £70.00 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #13 – Jil Sander Men’s Python Print Card Holder
This is an especially snappy take on the card holder. The Jil Sander Men’s Python Print Card Holder creates an eye-catching aesthetic via a textured python print leather in a dark, smoky shade of grey. For maximum functionality, the holder includes two card slots on each side, a central pocket, and an adjustable leather strap that can be worn around the neck.

Wallet #14 – Comme des Garçons Patent Leather Card Holder
Clean and bold, the Patent Leather Card Holder by Comme des Garçons is modern, minimalist design at its finest. The beauty of this piece is its elegant simplicity. A premium patent black leather exterior houses a slot for bills and two pockets for cards, which are cut from a stunning contrasting turquoise leather.  (Price: £83.00 BUY)

Wallet #15 –  Master Piece Sensible Fold Out Wallet
If a rougher, ruggedly masculine look is more your style, try the black and brown Sensible Fold Out Wallet from master-piece. The Japanese label has constructed a sturdy leather accessory that looks like it could take a beating while keeping all of your cards and coins housed safely inside.

Men’s Wallet #16 – Paul Smith Cross Grain Leather Card Holder
Paul Smith keeps it simple and slim again with the Cross Grain Leather Card Holder. Its small-but-mighty size makes it perfect for slipping into a lapel or trouser pocket without ruining the line of the garment, while the bold red leather and purple interior give the piece just a pinch of extra attitude.  (Price: $180.00 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #17 – Wincer & Plant Leather Zip
There was just something neat about this wallet. Simple yet cool. Black leather zip pouch from Wincer & Plant featuring a silver-tone top zip fastening with a leather zip pull. (Price: $80 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #18 – Veja Suede Wallet

This is just different and I damn well like shit like that. Black suede wallet from Veja featuring four card compartments and one large compartment. A contrasting red elasticated strap fastens the case. (Price: $80 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #19 – Gucci Web Bi Fold Wallet

It’s hard not to go past Gucci for a wallet, but after looking through their range, this was the star performer. Nothing too fancy, jut a great bi fold wallet. It featured black paranà with black leather trim/interior. Nuff said. (Price: $300 BUY)

Men’s Wallet #21 – Dunhill Mini Bi-Fold Wallet
Ok fine. The yellow wallet that WAS in position #20 was shitting me. I’ve replaced it with a “wallet every gentleman should own”. The Dunhill Chassis collection the best men’s accessories one can get. This mini bi-fold is perfect for a guy who’s short on time and pocket space. Props to Lee Wilson for pulling us up.  (Price: $285.00 BUY)

There you have it. The best in men’s wallets that you can buy today. 


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16 May, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief