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21 Best iPad Covers & Cases (2012 Edition)

iPads are like assholes, everyone has one. These covers and cases are the best money can buy. They’re not for the geeks, rather for the glamour types who demand form over function. They’re by some of the best designers and all are available to buy online.

If you’re looking for the 2011 list, it’s here.

#1 – Cote e Ciel iPad Stand Bag Case

The perfect companion for your favourite tablet, the Stand Bag functions as a handy storage case to carry and protect your iPad. (Price: $100 BUY)

#2 – Raymond Hau Black Ostrich iPad Sleeve
The Raymond Hau Black Ostrich iPad Sleeve is simultaneously luxurious and rock ‘n’ roll, thanks to its full quilt ostrich leather and chrome hardware details.  (Price: $840.00 BUY)

#3– Kenton Sorenson iPad Leather Portfolio
The Scandinavian design-influenced Kenton Sorenson iPad Leather Portfolio is hand cut and sown by Sorensen himself, making it one of the best, most unique products on the market.  (Price: $200.00 BUY)

#4 – Antique Brown Leather iPad Case
There weren’t a lot of iPad cases around back in the day, but that doesn’t mean that an antique iPad case doesn’t make a good-looking accessory (especially with the free monogramming).  (WWW)

#5 – hard graft X Pocket iPad Case
hard graft accessories, like the X Pocket iPad Case, are some of the best in the world if you’re looking for a combination of simplicity, strength, and style.  (Price: 60.00 GBP BUY)

#6 – Nixon Sprin 2012 “Oxyde” Collection iPad Case
Nixon’s “Oxyde” collection is all about oxidized metals and rich brown leather, a combination that looks mighty fine wrapped around your iPad. We like the detail inside the case.  (WWW)

#7 – YSL YCON iPad Case
The best part about the YSL YCON iPad Case is the careful attention to detail that’s evident throughout the piece, from the meticulous stitching to the fine leather to the embossed YSL logo.  (Price: $695.00 BUY)

#8 – Burberry Shoes & Accessories Cross Grain Leather iPad Case
“Smart” is the word that comes to mind to describe the Cross Grain Leather iPad Case from Burberry Shoes & Accessories. The iPad case is understated and refined, yet still captures attention.  (Price: $350.00 BUY)

#9 – Logan Zane “The Mulberry” iPad Case
If you’ve ever wondered what kind of iPad case would be best to take into battle, the answer is the camo Italian leather “Mulberry” iPad case by Logan Zane.  (Price: $195.00 BUY)

#10 – Comme des Garcons Luxury iPad Holder
The premium burgundy leather with scored diamond pattern of the Luxury iPad Holder from Comme des Garcon is truly a spectacular sight to behold.  (Price: £330.00 BUY)

#11 – Alexander McQueen Leather iPad 2 Case
The Alexander McQueen Leather iPad 2 Case is another accessory that favors putting the beautiful material (in this case, oxblood leather) on display rather than overwhelming it with unnecessary details.  (Price: $450.00 BUY)

#12 – COTEetCIEL Zipped iPad Sleeve
If you’re in the market for something modern, the COTEetCIEL Zipped iPad Sleeve is your best bet. The stark contrast between the dark zipper and the light grey neoprene is cool and contemporary. We call it The Fritz Special. (Price: $60.00 BUY)

#13 – Thom Browne iPad 2 Case
It doesn’t get better than the Thom Browne iPad 2 Case if you’re looking for traditional sophistication and premium construction.  (Price: £655.00 BUY)

#14 – Want Les Essentiels de la Vie Capitol iPad Case
The Want Les Essentiels de la Vie Capitol iPad Case is one of the best examples I’ve seen of stylish simplicity for your iPad. Textured brown leather and a press-stud tab closure are all that’s needed to make this case stand out.  (Price: $225.00 BUY)

#15 – Moleskine iPad Case
Moleskine is famous for making some of the best notebooks in the world, but their iPad case – black exterior lined with suede microfiber – is equally as stunning.  (Price: $107.00 BUY)

#16 – Alexander McQueen iPad Case
Alexander McQueen strikes gold again with this iPad Case, a simple black leather case with the designer’s trademark skull in gold on the clasp.  (BUY)

#17 – Balenciaga iPad Cover
The unique details are what Balenciaga does best. The buckled corners, zippered front, and worn black leather are what earned the Balenciaga iPad Cover a spot on this list.  (Price: $353.00 BUY)

#18 – Want Les Essentiels de la Vie iPad Case
I’ve been on a blue leather kick lately, so the minute I saw the Want Les Essentiels de la Vie iPad Case I knew it was going to be one of my favorite iPad accessories of 2012.  (Price: $342.00 BUY)

#19 – Poketo Envelope iPad Case
Mustard isn’t always an easy color, but the Poketo Envelope iPad Case proves that it can work mustard with the best of them. The clean design is the perfect balance to the bold color.  (Price: $48.00 BUY)

#20 – Grove Wool Felt Sleeve
The Wool Felt Sleeve by Grove brings together two of nature’s best materials, German wool and bamboo, for an iPad sleeve that is both beautiful and natural.  (Price: $99.00 BUY)

#21 – Comme Des Garcons Black Leather iPad Case

Honestly, sometimes less is more. In this case (get it?) I think this iPad case from CDG is a real winner. It’s simple, elegant and functional. Like a good woman. Textured leather iPad case in black and exposed zip-around closure.  (Price: $460 BUY)


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28 May, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief