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Bane Shearling Coat

One of the sartorial highlights from The Dark Night Rises film has to be Bane’s shearling coat. The Dark Knight Rises costume designer Lindy Hemming has been talking up her approach to dressing the villainous Bane in Christopher Nolan’s finale to the Batman universe.

“Bane was meant to look like a cross between a dictator and a revolutionary,” Hemming said in an interview with GQ Magazine.

“I designed the coat myself – it took a year. We took inspiration from a Swedish army jacket and a French Revolution frock coat and amalgamated the two,” said Hemming. “It was a pain to have made, because in LA shearling is not their sort of thing: there weren’t the tailors who could work with the fabric. It’s funny: as soon as it was finished, GQ did a feature about shearling coats, so it looked like I had copied!” GQ

If you’re looking for something similar, then we recommend checking out this Zegna Shearling Coat from last season.


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27 Jul, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief