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10 Best Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men [2012 Edition]

We’ve found the very best men’s haircuts and hairstyles for 2012. We’ve chosen a combination of classic haircuts and trending styles to suit all types of modern gentlemen, drawing inspiration from celebritites and fictional characters to help tell this wonderful and hair-raising (boom boom) story. Enjoy.

Hairstyle #1 – Beckham Hipster Shave & Slick
You don’t have to wear skinny jeans or have tattoos to wear the current Olympic show-stopper of men’s hairstyles.  Shaved through the back and sides with length on the top for styling options. Add product, slick back and there you have it. Looks good on guys who have a rounder shaped head, rather than those of us with pin-heads. Note: Hipsters love this one. 

Hairstyle #2 – The Bradley ‘Coops’ Cooper Wave 

If you’re more in the mood for letting your significant other rub their hands through your hair, then you can’t go past The Cooper. The Cooper works day or night, at party or in panty. Keep in mind this hairstyle is helped if you have a natural wave happening. It’s mostly the same length all over and should drip dry to awesomeness.

Hairstyle #3 – The Disick / Gecko Slick 

Are you a high flyer? Or maybe just a low baller? The Disick / Gordon Gecko inspired slick top and sides is perfect for the asshole who’s making their way to the top. All you need is a little length, some arrogance and a touch of wet-look hair product and you’ve made it. (Add rich vapid girlfriend for extra body)

Hairstyle #4 – The Rocker Man-Whore
(Adam Levine Inspired)
Short hair can often get a touch boring, however with the rocker man-whore you will always look ready for action. Again we’re short through the sides but with a touch more length up top you can style in that messy “I just shagged your sister” vibe that will send all the ladies running. Keep in check with something hard, preferably hair product.

Hairstyle #5 – The Old Enough To Be Your Dad
(Jon Hamm Inspired)
When you’re pushing the big 40 it’s important to not act like some of the hairstyles you’ve seen above. The Old Enough To Be Your Dad is the perfect mix of respectable yet dashing. It involves a little more length all over but not as much hair product to keep it in place. The idea is to let your hair wander a little, like your eye.

Hairstyle #6 – The Thor
(Chris Hemsworth Inspired)
When you’re 6’2″ and built like a brick shit-house, nothing says “I’m here to get me some classy bitches” like a serious set of long flowing locks. The best example I can give you is either Thor, The Avenger (starring Thor) or Thor 2. For this all you need is time and a job (or no job) that will allow your locks to grow long and free.

Hairstyle #7 – The Jamie Lanister (Game of Thrones Inspired)
You nerdlingers will love this one. I can’t condone the middle part but the Jamie Lanister hairstyle is one the ladies will love. All you need is someone to cut your longish hair in layered fashion to achieve the medieval willing look. I would use moisturiser instead of product, it’s less heavy and allows for free movement. Note: Tavern wench not included. 

Hairstyle #8 – The Action Hero
(Jason Statham Inspired)
When you’ve got not much up top, then there’s only one look to go for. The Action Hero. Hair is so yesterday when you have shaved it like our mate Jason Statham. He’s given bald men everywhere hope and for that we salute you. Make sure you have some facial hair to compliment this look.

Hairstyle #9 – The Silver Fox
(Mad Men Inspired)
One of my best mates is a silver fox and he’s never had a bad hair day, ever. The more silver he gets, the more awesome he becomes. The trick with the Silver Fox is not to style your hair like a teenager, rather keep some length and neatly brush it off your face whilst wet in the mornings. Trust me, white is a winner.

Hairstyle #10 – The Skyfall
(Daniel Craig Inspired)
When you have little spare time and a burning need to kick some ass, then the Skyfall haircut is a must have. Short, back and sides the Skyfall will take you from bed, bath to bus in as little as 5 minutes. It literally requires bugger all maintenance. Remember this haircut is not shaved, rather cut with scissors by a hairdresser who has at least seen the trailer. I suggest taking your iPad and watching it with your hairdresser. I also recommend high fiving him/her afterwards because the movie looks awesome.

So there you have it. The very best men’s hairstyles / haircuts for 2012. We hope you enjoyed this. Make sure you ‘Like Us’ on Facebook for daily news, offers and awesomeness. 


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3 Aug, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief