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10 Stylish Moments of London 2012

As the games draw to a close we pay hommage to the very best moments that personified men’s style and all round general awesomeness.

Stylish Moment #1 – Usain Bolt x Swedish Handball

There’s no denying it. Usain ran the races of his life then celebrated like a man who knew which way was up. And what do winners do? They party with the Swedish Womens Handball team. Respect.

Stylish Moment #2 – Becks on a boat

Nothing says let’s get this party started like David Beckham, in a suit with a speed boat on the Thames. What might have appeared to be an uber cheesy opening ceremony stunt was hard to miss.

Stylish Moment #3 – Yohan Blake x Richard Mille

No only having a very cool name and being only second to Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake decided that he would rock a Richard Mille watch during the 100m final. For those of you who don’t know, Richard Mille is the maker of some of the world’s most expensive watches. $50o,000 expensive. He also seriously pissed the IOC off for it too.

Stylish Moment #4 – Robert Harting x The Hulk

Germany’s Robert Harting celebrates after winning the men’s discus throw final. What do winners do in Germany? There tear shit up, yah! Not only did he rip his shirt off like the Hulk, he proceeded to run the hurdles track with only a German flag on his back. It didn’t stop there, he went out on a bender that night, got shitfaced and woke up on a train in the wee hours of the morning.

Stylish Moment #5 – Oscar ‘Blade Runner’ Pistorus

‘They call him Blade Runner’ – Oscar may not have won, but he proved that he was able to mix it with the worlds best. Heart of a Champion. His prosthetic legs are made from carbon fibre, just like all good Formula 1 racers.

Stylish Moment #6 – USA Track Uniform

Nike always deliver in the design department. The dark red kit of the USA track athletes stood out like a sore thumb. There’s was something mean about these kits which screamed ‘Even if we don’t win, we still look better than y’all.’

Stylish Moment #6 – Lady Kate

We like Will and his fit wife, Kate. They were amongst all the action during the London Games. They’re were aways quick with a cheer, smile and always part of the people. No need to rent a crowd, the Royals are here, the crowd has cometh. Most importantly Kate always looked a million bucks. We approve.

Stylish Moment #7 – King Wiggins

Wiggo, Wig-dogg, W-Bomb call him what you want. There’s no denying that Bradley Wiggins is the man to beat in men’s cycling. So what do you get the man who has everything? You get him a god damn golden throne. And make it pronto, tonto.

Stylish Moment #8 – Bond & Her Majesty
Sure it was a little cheesy, but you have to give credit to both Daniel Craig and Queen Elizabeth for having a laugh during the opening ceremony. Nuff said.

Stylish Moment #9 – Prince Charles Suits

Like the British athletes, Prince Charles was winning the suit race. His double breasted suits were sharp and as you would expect perfectly tailored for the Prince. We do think he did look a little stuffy wearing a suit everywhere, but somehow we cannot see him busting out a Great Britain tracksuit.

Stylish Moment #10 – David Gandy x Closing Ceremony

Superstar male models even have a place being ridiculously good looking at the closing of ceremonies such as the Olympic Games, man.  Gandy rocked out in an epic looking gold suit. Yes a gold suit. He was accompanied by a number of Britain’s top female models… and Naomi Campbell. Naomi Campbell said she was looking forward to punching on with the Chinese men’s boxing team, bitch.


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13 Aug, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief