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Vidal Sassoon IPro Intensive Clipper

Nothing pleases me more than recieving a quality product in the mail. Yesterday I recieved the new new Vidal Sassoon IPro Intensive Clipper. Words cannot describe how happy I was to have the opportunity to throw my existing set of clippers from my 2nd story apartment balcony. They recived their first test run this morning on my overgrown ginger beard and the results were fantastic. I now look less like a homeless person and more like a part-time blogger. (WWW)

About the Vidal Sassoon IPro Intensive Clipper

For an intense shave look no further than Vidal Sassoon’s IPro Clipper. With clever construction and plenty of handy features, this clipper provides professional results and would make a great gift for any man.

With its XL professional performance Japanese steel blades which are precision-engineered and specially-hardened, the Vidal Sassoon IPro Intensive Clipper features a unique cutting angle which delivers exceptional cutting performance – 100% of hair is cut in one smooth action. Perfect for men with busy lifestyles, this clipper also comes with cord/cordless Lithium-ion technology which allows for fast charging and sustained power performance.

Powerful Motor
A heavy duty 4.0V DC motor provides 3 times the power than a magnetic motor and makes this VS Sassoon’s most powerful model ever. Also fitted with a taper level (0.6 to 3mm) for precision cutting and 8 comb guides for flexibility, this clipper delivers an impressive set of features to those serious about their grooming. Includes travel pouch, cleaning brush, oil and barber’s comb.


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28 Aug, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief