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Dosh Wallets Blade Collection

Dosh is excited to announce the release of their most compact, slim wallet yet – the Blade wallet. The Blade wallet utilizes dosh’s trademark stainless steel money clip on one side and has two card slots on the reverse side. The Blade wallet is the perfect wallet for those who like to travel light and remove the clutter from their pockets, all while maintaining the distinctive style and functionality dosh is known for.

Dosh’s patented wallet designs are moulded in Elastollan®, a highly durable, water-resistant polymer material with a luxurious soft feel. The money clip is handcrafted from high grade stainless steel. The range is available in 8 colourways, fromtheunderstated“Coal” through to the ultra vivid “Wasabi” and “Phan- tom”. As with all dosh wallets, the Blade range is designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia. (WWW)


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19 Sep, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief