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Sonos Play 3

A couple of months ago, the good people from Keep Left PR and Sonos decided that I deserved to give their Sonos Play 3 system a go. To be honest I was not that interested simply because I knew nothing about Sonos. I was pleasantly surprised by the system, especially how easy it was to setup and use. The system which I was given consisted of two Play 3 units plus the wireless bridge to automate and use the system remotely. What I liked most about the system was the ability to control the system from my computer, iPad and iPhone from anywhere and any place. The Sonos system accesses all kinds of streaming music services as well as your own iTunes library. Overall we enjoyed having a play with the Sonos system and will look at installing them in the D’Marge offices in future. (WWW)


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23 Sep, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief