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AC Schnitzer BMW F30 3-Series

The AC Schnitzer tuning package for the BMW 3-Series F30 sedan consists of a minor appearance package and increase in power. Beginning with the power kits, AC Schnitzer helps the diesel-powered 318d achieve 169Hp (126kW / 171PS), up from the stock model’s 141Hp (105kW / 143PS), and the 320d, 215Hp (160kW / 218PS) up from 181Hp (135kW / 184PS). The performance upgrades for the petrol-engine 328i and 335i will boost their output to 290Hp (216kW / 294PS) and 355Hp (265kW / 360PS). (WWW)

3 Oct, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief