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Svbcription Release #2 – The Study Selection

We had the good fortune to spend some time with Marc from Svbscription a few weeks ago. He was nice enough to show us the outside of their Study Issue, however that was all the S.O.B. would show us. So we waited… And now we can reveal the contents of their luxuriously curated second edition. Hazah! (WWW)

Two hundred members of the luxury New York-based subscription service will receive their second curated parcel later this week. Svbscription’s Study parcel features a selection of high end products from four international brand partners including Loden Dager (New York), Harper Collins (UK), Le Labo (New York) and Kaweco (Germany) and was revealed to press earlier in the week.

Loden Dager designers Oliver Heiden (Loden Dager, Marc Jacobs) and Paul Marlow (Loden Dager) created an exclusive leather folio for Svbscription members which was described by Marlow as “an instant classic with a contemporary feel”.

“One of my favorite pieces from the Loden Dager A/W ‘12 show was this suede document case, and when the Svbscription team saw it, you could see they were excited. We were only producing it in leather, but decided to add in a special navy suede version for the fortunate two hundred”, said Marlow.

Nicola Barker’s highly anticipated comic fiction, The Yips, is also included in the parcel by Harper Collins and Fourth Estate (London, UK). The novel has been longlisted for the 2012 Man Booker Prize.

The New York boutique perfumery, Le Labo, created a custom metal travel tube engraved with each Svbscription member’s initials. “These guys are offering something very special, never really done before and we wanted to be part of the adventure”, said Fabrice Penot, co-founder of Le Labo.

“With its vintage utilitarian design and the engraved initials, we figured that pre-launching our new travel tube with Svbscription would be a great fit with “in-the-know” clients,” he said.

The fourth piece, the Kawaco AL Sport Fountain pen, was selected for its heritage and style and is the final item in the Study parcel. 


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