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10 Best Winter Coats For Men [2012 Edition]

If you’re one of our readers currently experiencing hurricanes, snow and rain, then this for you. We want you to stay warm and invest in a winter coat which you’ll own for years.  We’ve chosen the most elegant, warm and best winter coats a man could ever want to own. Enjoy.

Winter Coat #1 – Marni Grey Wool Duffle Coat
Marni’s Grey Wool Duffle is a single-breasted coat adorned with leather trim and off-center button and loop closures. Tonal knit panels at the interior arms add a bit of unexpected intrigue to an otherwise traditional look.  (Price: $1800.00 BUY)

Winter Coat #2 – Yves Saint Laurent Leather-Trimmed Wool Coat
You love your leather jacket, but it’s no longer leather-wearing weather. Try a leather-trimmed coat instead, like this one from Yves Saint Laurent. The wool will keep you warm, but the leather details will keep you feeling like a rockstar.  (Price: $4550.00 BUY)

Winter Coat #3 – Ann Demeulemeester Paneled Peacoat
The Paneled Peacoat from Ann Demeulemeester manages to achieve something I would have thought impossible: sophisticated patchwork. Dark green wool contrasts with navy blue panels, while an edgy funnel neck and detachable chin strap finish the look.  (Price: $1501.00 BUY)

Winter Coat #4 – Italian C Knitted Duffle Coat
Some get scared of color once winter hits, others turn to pieces like the Knitted Duffle Coat by Italian C. The grey knit is classic winter, but it’s brightened by colorful front toggle fastenings and an orange and red padded lining. (Price: $1077 BUY)

Winter Coat #5 – Balmain Black Hooded Long Wool Parka
Balmain’s Black Hooded Long Wool Parka manages to blend warm and cozy functionality (thank you quilted lining and shearling hood) with a surprisingly slim, un-bulky silhouette (thank you belted waist). And the zippered bicep pockets are just plain cool.  (Price: $3625.00 BUY)

Winter Coat #6 – Raf Simons Slim-fit Wool and Cashmere-blend Peacoat
I love a blue suit, so it stands to reason that I would also love a blue peacoat. And I do. This one from Raf Simons, to be exact. Especially that tailored fit and those oversized front pockets. (Price: $1970.00 BUY)

Winter Coat #7 – Carven Beige Hooded Duffle Down Coat
Let’s shake things up a bit with a beige coat: Carven’s Beige Hooded Duffle Down Coat. It’s perfect for the man who’s bored with basic black and wants something a little more unusual for the winter months.  (Price: $1325.00 BUY)

Winter Coat #8 – Burberry London Cotton-garbardine Trench Coat
The trench coat is what Burberry London does best, so it would be a crime to leave them off the list. The chosen one this time around is the Cotton-garbardine Trench, a black coat with epaulettes and the label’s iconic check lining.  (Price: $1695.00 BUY)

Winter Coat #9 – Giorgio Armani Shawl Neck Evening Coat
Giorgio Armani takes the road less traveled with this coat. The shawl collar, navy blue color, and mixed botton/toggle fastenings make for a coat that’s a little bit different but still refined and classic.  (Price: $1990.00 BUY)

Winter Coat #10 – Alexander McQueen Contrast-collar Wool-blend Coat
I actually said “Wow!” out-loud, in my apartment, alone when I saw this. A blend of grey wool, cotton, and cashmere with a black velvet collar, the Contrast-collar Wool-blend Coat is the masterful McQueen at his impeccable best.  (Price: $1995.00 BUY)


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5 Nov, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief