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10 Killer Pairs Of Black Boots For Men

If there’s one thing which every man should own, it’s a pair of sturdy, well made black leather boots. They’re a fashion staple which look great for both casual and dressy occasions, but most importantly they keep your feet nice and warm in winter. We’ve found 10 of the best mens boots from around the web. Enjoy. 

Men’s Boots #1 – Yves Saint Laurent “Feel Good” Boot
How could you not love something that has “feel good” in the name? The Yves Saint Laurent “Feel Good” boot keeps the details minimal – just an inside zip and a slightly-higher wooden heel – and lets the sexy curved panel design speak for itself.  (Price: $1190.00 BUY)

Men’s Boots #2 – N.D.C. Made By Hand Black Christopher Softy Boots
If cowboy boots were sleeker and more upscale, they’d probably look something like this. The Black Christopher Softy Boots by N.D.C. Made By Hand are made from a soft raw leather with markings throughout. It’s western-style-meets-dandy-chic.  (Price: $660.00)

Men’s Boots #3 – Lanvin Chelsea Boot
No closet is complete without a classic pair of Chelsea boots. Lanvin’s take on the staple piece doesn’t stray far from tradition with a tonal captoe, elastic inlet sides, short stacked heel, and a pull tab at the back. (Price: $995.00 BUY)

Men’s Boots #4 – Marsell Black Leather Zucca Boots
For a slightly tougher look, try the Marsell Black Leather Zucca Boots. The high-top style, raw finish toe, and badass lace-up closure are practically screaming  to be stomped around in like you own the damn place. (Price: $1125.00)

Men’s Boots #5 – Officine Creative Black Patent Leather Culta Boots
Picture a classic calf-high, lace-up Doc Martens boot. Now picture its sleeker, subtler, classier cousin. Now make it out of leather and throw in some Italian craftsmanship. You’ve just pictured the Officine Creative Black Patent Leather Culta Boots. (Price: $720.00)

Men’s Boots #6 – Diemme Black Leather Roccia Vet Boots
If a sneaker and a boot could mate, the offspring would look like the Black Leather Roccia Vet Boots from Diemme. The white rubber sole and high top-style silhouette take inspiration from contemporary streetwear, while the eyelet and lace hook closure are reminiscent of hiking boots.  (Price: $420.00)

Men’s Boots #7 – Church’s “Amberley” Chelsea Boot
Like Lanvin’s Chelsea, Church’s “Amberley” boot doesn’t break the Chelsea mold. But classics are classics for a reason, right? Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. The “Amberley” features a round toe, elasticated side panels, and a short stacked wooden heel.  (Price: $673.00)

Men’s Boots #8 – Yves Saint Laurent Black Rabbit Fur Nolita Boots
Trust Yves Saint Laurent to make such a luxe take on footwear: the Black Rabbit Fur Nolita Boots. There’s textured leather, a lace-up closure, a round cap toe, and a loop detail at the heel, but what really sets them apart is, of course, the rabbit fur lining.  (Price: $1200.00)

Men’s Boots #9 – Paul Smith Shoes & Accessories Textured-Leather Lace-Up Boots
The beauty of the Textured-Leather Lace-Up Boots from Paul Smith Shoes & Accessories is in their versatility. Dress the Italian-made boots up for a casual day at the office, wear them with jeans on a relaxed day off, or pair them with a high-style outfit for a night out.  (Price: $625.00)

Men’s Boots #10 – Alexander McQueen Washed-Leather Cap-Toe Boots
Let out your inner rebel with Alexander McQueen’s Buckled-Leather Cap-Toe Monk Strap Boots. High quality materials mix with contemporary style in these boots to create a more rockstar take on classic biker style.  (Price: $710.00 BUY) – Thanks to Lee Wilson for the tip.


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22 Nov, 2012

Luc Wiesman

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