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10 Best Men’s Watches Under $1000

We’ve found the best watches that won’t break that bank, however this watches feature has taken a very long time to hit the website and for that we do apologise. You’ll be very happy to know that these watches are between $500 and $1000. These ten beauties may be just the thing you need before xmas. FYI – Our watches under $500 feature can be found here

Watch #1 – Autran & Viala Aviator B Automatic Pilot Watch
Autran & Viala have taken what you expect from your watched and flipped it upside down. Or is it inside out? Either way, it’s cool. For a little something different, the Aviator B Automatic Pilot watch has an internal hour scale and puts the minutes on the outside.  (Price: $725.00 BUY)

Watch #2 – Bulova Accutron ‘Gemini’ Automatic Movement Watch
The Gemini collection by Bulova Accutron blends classic design with renowned precision. A stainless steel case houses a black textured dial with rose gold-tone hands and Arabic numeral hour markers, and a brown leather strap finishes off the look.  (Price: $744.50 BUY)

Watch #3 – Ernest Borel Rocky II Series
The Ernest Borel Rocky II Series introduces a bit of color to your accessories. A yellow dial is the stand-out feature of a design that combines useful complications – a double date window, retrograde days, and small seconds – with the sporty aesthetic of a red-lined black polyurethane strap.  (Price: $800 BUY)

Watch #4 – Gucci G-timeless Collection Extra Large Sport
If someone asked me to sum up Gucci in watch form, this would be it. The nylon strap features Gucci’s signature green and red stripe, a color scheme that flows seamlessly into the details of the high-shine stainless steel case and white dial.  (Price: $950.00 BUY)

Watch #5 – Hamilton Thin-O-Matic 38MM
The Hamilton Thin-O-Matic is a watch that goes back to basics. The original model that bore its name was produced in the 1960s, so if you’re looking for a bit of Mad Men swagger, this is a solid choice. The updated version includes retro details like curved dials and the brand’s crest engraved on the case back.  (Price: $895 WWW)

Watch #6 – M
ôntrèk CR-1 Chronograph
This is the Choose Your Own Adventure book of the watch world. Whatever you’re into – PVD, stainless steel, colored details – there’s a version of the Môntrèk CR-1 Chronograph that will suit your style. Plus there’s a 10-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong you’re totally taken care of.  (Price: $500.00 BUY)

Watch #7 – Tissot T-Lord Automatic
Let’s get real – anything with “lord” in the name is bound to be classy as hell and make you look seriously cool. The Tissot T-Lord Automatic does both thanks to its satinized hands, clean black dial, and unusually shaped stainless steel case.  (Price: $995.00 BUY)

Watch #8 – Uhrkraft Big World Automatic Worldtimer
Humility be damned – any world traveler wants to show of just how worldy he is. The Uhrkraft Big World Automatic Worldtimer is the perfect way to do it without having to say a word. The large stainless steel case features an eye-catching black and white face with a 24-hour clock and the world’s major cities around the bezel.  (Price: $600)

Watch #9 – Davosa Classic Mecanique Watch
Something about blue details on a watch has always appealed to me. I can’t put my finger on exactly why I like it, so instead why don’t you just see for yourself? The Davosa Classic Mecanique watch does a beautiful job of contrasting a stark white face with blue steel hands, silver hour markers, and a brown leather strap.  (Price: $795 WWW)

Watch #10 – Mougin & Piquard x J.Crew Stainless Steel Chronograph
Mougin & Piquard teamed up with J.Crew to create this watch, a stainless steel chronograph based on classic designs from the 1920s. Handmade in Switzerland, the watch features a quartz crystal movement, a brown leather strap, and a sophisticated stopwatch that measures both accumulative and interval timings.  (Price: $695.00 BUY)

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10 Nov, 2012

Luc Wiesman

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