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Here’s to Real Friends Chivas Regal Launch

From a ‘speakeasy’ style private entrance off Market Street, guests – invited to the event along with their ‘real friend’ – were escorted upstairs to the intimate ‘Gilt Lounge’ where they were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Chivas Regal brand on a number of levels. In a dedicated ante-room, ‘Chivas’ Ambassador, Ben Davidson, conducted a series of mini master classes where guests were educated about the pairing of various age offerings of ‘Chivas’ (12, 18 & 25y/o) with a selection of exotic fruits, cheeses and fine chocolate. In a separate private screening room, a short film by Academy Award director, Joachim Back, was shown on rotation while guests imbibed ‘Chivas’ 18, served on the rocks. Cool.


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23 Nov, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief