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J Crew Ludlow Blackwatch Blazer

Each year J Crew release a version of their Ludlow Blackwatch Blazer and every year it sells our before I have a chance to purchase it. The J Crew Ludlow is apiece which is sure to catch the eye and live a long and heathly life as part of your wardrobe. (Price: $750 BUY)

“Spun from local wool in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides for almost 200 years, Harris tweeds are marked by their rich textures and iconic patterns. Starting with a distinctive Black Watch weave, we crafted this double-vented sportcoat in our modern Ludlow fit (think narrow lapels and a trimmer silhouette), then added traditional tailor-made details to make it even better. Some of the carefully constructed finishing touches you’ll find include interior pickstitching and suiting-fabric trim at the welts—they’re not details you can see from the outside, but we think they make all the difference.”


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25 Nov, 2012

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief