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10 Best Sneakers For Summer [2013 Edition]

You could spend hours scouring the Internet for the best sneakers on the market for your summer 2013 wardrobe, but why bother when we could do the hard work for you? We’ve already put in the hours, searching high and low across the Net for this year’s best designer kicks. Because that’s what friends do for each other. You’re welcome.

Sneakers #1 – Balenciaga Sporty Retro Trainers
Balenciaga has never been a label to shy away from a print, and the Sporty Retro Trainers are clearly no exception. The multicolored print leather panels are one part tribute to the blissful summer months, one part graphic glimpse of the future.  (Price: $420.00 BUY)

Sneakers #2 – McQ Alexander McQueen Suede and Leather Trainers
If I had to sum up McQueen’s work in just a word or two, it would be “high-impact.” McQ Alexander McQueen even manages to turn simple panels of leather and suede, in a muted navy shade, into an eye-catching pair of summer high tops.  (Price: $374.00 BUY)

Sneakers #3 – Maison Martin Margiela Vivid Blue Metallic Leather Low Top Sneakers
Sometimes you just want to give subtlety a massive kick up the you-know-where. For those times, there are the Vivid Blue Metallic Leather Low Top Sneakers by Maison Martin Margiela. One look at these insane kicks and your summer wardrobe will never be the same.  (Price: $530.00 BUY)

Sneakers #4 – Raf Simons White & Green Patent Leather Astronaut Pocket Sneakers
No one does luxury urban streetwear quite like Raf Simons. While I don’t think we’ll be seeing the White & Green Patent Leather Astronaut Pocket Sneakers on the moon any time soon, they’re still pretty darn cool (and I would totally support Raf Simons making designer spacesuits).  (Price: $835.00 BUY)

Sneakers #5 – Marc Jacobs Blue Reflector-Toe Basket Case Sneakers
When you long for the simple Converse days of your youth, but want something with more designer cred, Marc Jacobs has got you covered. The Blue Reflector-Toe Basket Case Sneakers are a more striking, high style take on a classic summer look.  (Price: $465.00 BUY)

Sneakers #6 – Lanvin Low-Top Puzzle Trainer
I have yet to meet a Lanvin sneaker I didn’t like. The Lanvin Low-Top Puzzle Trainer features blue perforated calf leather, black detailing, and a thick white sole, a versatile combo that could be paired with just about any summer style. (Price: $739.34 BUY)

Sneakers #7- Neil Barrett Black Studded And Perforated Leather Sneakers
Hats off to Neil Barrett for creating this fantastic look. The Black Studded And Perforated Leather Sneakers are H-O-T. Plus those studs look like they might be good in a fight should you need to put masculinity aside and deliver a kick below the belt (just sayin’). Bring on Summer 2.0.  (Price: $915.00 BUY)

Sneakers #8 – Ralph Lauren “Vaughn” Camouflage Sneaker
There’s something endearing about the contrast between Ralph Lauren’s infamous polo player designer logo and a tough camo print. It’s not a combo you’d expect to work, but the ‘Vaughn’ Sneaker manages to pull it off. Definitely a summer flavour to be had. (Price: $112.91 BUY)

Sneakers #9 – Dsquared2 Tecnico Trainer
Now this is what my summer sneaker dreams are made of. Summer is all about introducing crazy colours back into your wardrobe after a winter of dreary, dull ones. The blue suede, dark blue mesh, and neon leather panels of the Dsquared2 Tecnico Trainer definitely fit the bill.  (Price: $425.00 BUY)

Sneakers #10 – Nike “Free Huarache Light”
A little pink never hurt anyone. The Nike ‘Free Huarache Light’ is celebrating its 20th birthday this year with a jazzed-up version of the sneaker that features grey neoprene, a white sole, a pink Nike tick, and a pink pull tab at the rear.  (Price: $158.18 BUY)


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27 Feb, 2013

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief