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Mr Black Denim Refresh & Wash

Tired of your jeans smelling like a cross between disco and ass? Well so am I. Mr Black is the solution for those people (like I) who NEVER wash their jeans. Coming in two product variants, Mr Black allows you to wash or refresh denim the right way. (WWW)

Denim Wash
When it comes time to washing your jeans, Mr. Black’s unique enzyme free wash, is specifically formulated to clean and help maintain the original color intensity of your dry denim and pre wash jeans. This highly concentrated denim soft wash offers unsurpassed cleaning action whilst minimizing fading, shrinkage or stretching.

Denim Refresh
An all-in-one product designed to clean and refresh, that prevents stains from settling in your denim. Denim refresh gets to the root of the problem by attacking down the oils, surface dirt and bacteria that causes the odors in the first place. Using denim refresh extends the life of your denim by extending the time between washing and dry-cleaning.


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6 Mar, 2013

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief