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Rivieras Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

The refined ‘Riviera gent’ style that struck a chord in the 1960’s film ‘Purple Noon’ and its remake; ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’, has never felt more current with the latest collection of premium slip-ons by Rivieras. Their timeless design has endured due to its classic simplicity, lending an air of upmarket class to the simplest of shapes. Each pair of Rivieras are crafted with notably high quality materials; featuring a soft towel interior lining and a cushioned nappa-leather inner sole. The outer sole has the durability of a hard wearing shoe, with a heel: rarely seen on footwear of this sort. Rendered in a breadth of shades and enhanced with a combination of textures and advanced fabrics, the latest collection makes Rivieras the ultimate stable to any refined gent’s wardrobe. (BUY)


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