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10 Killer Leather Jackets For Men [2013 Edition]

You don’t just want a leather jacket. You want the best leather jacket – one that’s sturdy enough to stand the test of time, versatile enough to go with any outfit, and stylish enough to have the ladies throwing themselves at your feet. Here’s our roundup of 10 of the best men’s leather jackets currently on the market…

Leather Jacket #1 – John Varvatos * USA Luxe Motorcycle Leather Jacket
John Varvatos knows a thing or two about looking good. The Motorcycle Leather Jacket from John Varvatos * USA Luxe is a simple take on the style staple: zipped cuffs on the sleeves, a high-neck collar, and an ever-so-slightly asymmetrical zipped fastening down the front. It’s a piece that easily complements any outfit.  (Price: $850.00 BUY)

Leather Jacket #2 – Alexander McQueen Leather and Suede Bomber Jacket
Let’s take a moment to bask in the glory of McQueen. The label is up to its usual stylish tricks with the Leather and Suede Bomber Jacket, an updated twist on the standard bomber. In McQueen’s world, the bomber is one part leather/one part suede and comes with contrasting navy striped trims.  (Price: $2,865.00 BUY)

Leather Jacket #3 – ASOS Leather Bomber Jacket
If you’re searching for something that looks good but doesn’t send your bank account for a nose dive, ASOS is one of the best retailers out there. The ASOS Leather Bomber Jacket is a totally affordable way to look like a million bucks (and it’s still made out of real leather!). (Price: $182.88 BUY)

Leather Jacket #4 – Balmain Leather Biker Jacket
The Balmain Leather Biker Jacket is for those of you who want to turn a staple piece into a statement piece. Everything about it screams for attention, from the gorgeously battered texture of the lambskin, to the off-centre zip fastening, to the double buckled sleeves and the shoulder epaulets.  (Price: $4,057.00 BUY)

Leather Jacket #5 – Acne Oliver Jacket
Symmetry is so out. A little bit of mismatching goes a long way in the Acne Oliver Jacket, which features padded suede and leather patches at opposite shoulders and elbows. Other features include a stand-up collar with snap closures, two zippered front pockets, and four adjustable side tabs with d-rings.  (Price: $1,500.00 BUY)

Leather Jacket #6 – Rick Owens Biker Jacket
Have you had enough of stand-up collars and asymmetrical zippers yet? No? Good. Because here’s another, this time from the genius mind of Rick Owens. All other details are kept to an extreme minimum on this piece, putting the focus on its luxurious leather and slim fit.  (Price: $2,138.40 BUY)

Leather Jacket #7 – PS by Paul Smith Leather Bomber Jacket
PS by Paul Smith practically elevates casualwear to an art form with pieces like the Leather Bomber Jacket. This is everything a bomber should be – a modern boxy fit, baby-soft leather, ribbed jersey trim at the waist, cuffs, and collar – and inside you’ll find a blue and white printed lining that pays tribute to the label’s tailoring legacy.  (Price: $1,270.00 BUY)

Leather Jacket #8 – Schott Cowhide Casual Racer 654
Schott Bros. claims to be the first company to put zippers on jackets and the originator of the leather motorcycle jacket. If that’s not a legacy you can trust, I don’t know what is. The unassuming Cowhide Casual Racer 654 may be short on zippers, but it isn’t short on style.   (Price: $545.00 BUY)

Leather Jacket #9 – Lanvin Knitted-Back Leather Jacket
Lanvin mixes it up with the Knitted-Back Leather Jacket. It’s a reverse fashion mullet: party in the front, business in the back. The party comes in the form of badass black leather with a collection of zippered pockets, and the business is made up of a respectable grey knitted cotton panel at the back.  (Price: $4,250.00 BUY)

Leather Jacket #10 – Schott Classic B-3 Sheepskin Le
ather Bomber Jacket 257S
Schott calls the B-3 Sheepskin Leather Bomber Jacket “THE classic WWII bomber.” The sheep fur-lined B-3 has an illustrious history: not only was it the jacket that kept WWII bomber crews warm in the unheated cabins of the B-17s and B-24s, a modified version was also the jacket worn by General George S.Patton of the U.S. Army.  (Price: $1196.00 BUY)

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1 May, 2013

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Managing Editor