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Commes des Garçons Marvellous Zip Wallet

This probably goes without saying, but if it’s got “marvellous” in the name, it must be pretty great. For spring 2013, Commes des Garçons launched the “Marvellous” collection of wallets, a new line made entirely of luxurious cowhide leather with anodised aluminium zippers. Five different shapes are available, each with a black leather exterior and colorful zipper, stitching, and interior. Choose from one of three shades: pink, green, or blue. Or mix and match colors and shapes to create your own personal collection of Commes des Garçons Marvellous Wallets, so you’ve got one for every occasion and outfit.  (WWW)

11 May, 2013

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief