Heuer Autavia 11063 ‘Alpha Orange Skunkworks’ Custom

It’s not too often we feature totally custom pieces like this on the site, but the Heuer Autavia 11063 ‘Alpha Orange Skunkworks’ Custom is just too cool to pass up. Watch blogger and ‘Heuerista’ (the name given to avid Heuer fans) decided to give his original Heuer 11630 orange/black chromos a makeover. With a little help from a fellow US Heuerista and a Belgian craftsman named Abel, he swapped out the original Autavia case for a 11063 case. Now he’s got a rad new watch and a whole bunch of new Heuerista friends. Aww, what a touching story…  (WWW)

18 Jun, 2013

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Managing Editor

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