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5 Best Men’s Fashion Buys of the Week [14/6/13]

You want to dress in the latest and greatest, but keeping up on current trends and the hottest new things to hit the market is practically a full time job (seriously – it is a full time job for some of us). We get it. And we don’t want you to have to worry about it. That’s why we’ve created this round-up of the week’s 5 best men’s fashion buys. We’ve got your back, bro.

Best Buy #1 – A.P.C. Embroidered Loopback-Cotton Sweatshirt

Inject a little retro into your week with the A.P.C. Embroidered Loopback-Cotton Sweatshirt. Constructed from plush loopback cotton in a charcoal grey, and decorated with a white, navy, and red embroidered ‘Yacht Club’ logo, it’s got a sweet old-school athletic feel that’s perfect for a casual afternoon.  (Price: 4180.00 BUY)

Best Buy #2 – Maison Martin Margiela Suede And Leather-Panelled Sneakers

Blue suede shoes are so 1950s. Now it’s all about blue suede and leather shoes, like these from Maison Martin Margiela. The Maison’s Suede And Leather-Panelled Sneakers mix materials in a vibrant cobalt-blue shade for a very bright way to jazz-up your day-off outfits. (Price: $475.00 BUY)

Best Buy #3 – ASOS Scoop Neck Jumper

The crew neck is a classic. The turtleneck has had its day. The V-neck is everywhere now. Why not go for something a little more unusual? The ASOS Scoop Neck Jumper will show off those toned pecs and shapely collar bones without veering too severely into unacceptable man-cleavage territory. (Price: $30.55 BUY)

Best Buy #4 – Rag & Bone Navy Textile And Leather Confetti Card Holder

I know – you grimaced a bit when you saw the word “confetti.” But don’t worry. Rag & Bone’s Navy Textile And Leather Confetti Card Holder isn’t the glitter-coated monstrosity its name might imply. It’s actually a slim, subtle, and sophisticated piece with small red, yellow, and blue checks against a demure navy background.  (Price: $115.00 BUY)

Best Buy #5 – J.Crew Slub Tee In Ocean Stripe

‘Slub’ may sound a bit like ‘slob,’ but there’s nothing slobby or sloppy about the J.Crew Slub Tee In Ocean Stripe. It’s blue and white nautical stripe pattern is versatile, and the slim-fitting style makes an outfit look thoughtful and put-together with minimal effort on your part.  (Price: $45.00 BUY)


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14 Jun, 2013

Luc Wiesman

Founder and Editor-In-Chief
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