15 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For All Types Of Men

Finding that special present for that special guy is no easy feat, especially when you’re already bogged down by the other stressful pre-holiday prep and barely treading water. It doesn’t take much for your happy holiday to turn into a living hell, so breathe deep. Relax. We’ve created the ultimate holiday wish list for any type of man, and you don’t even have to leave the house to get him the perfect gift.

Christmas Gift Idea #1 – For The Big Kid Guy

Encourage your man to tap into his inner child by giving him the gift to end all gifts: the PS4. The gamer-focused PlayStation 4 system is one of the most advanced gaming systems ever, with incredible graphics performance, unparalleled customised memory, and processors with 10x the power of the PS3. We’re not exactly sure how many points you’ll earn for a present like this, but we know the number has a lot of zeroes after it.  (WWW)

Christmas Gift Idea #2 – For The Grooming Guy

Your guy is into taking care of himself, and you’re into the fact that he’s into it. Encourage him to keep up those good personal grooming habits with Aesop’s Sonority / Vibrazione Sonora kit. Inside is a quartet of beloved Aesop products designed to care for hands and body: Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash, Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, and Rind Concentrate Body Balm.  (Price: $115.00 BUY)

Christmas Gift Idea #3 – For The Running Guy

He plays every sport under the sun. He’s in the gym before you’ve even gotten out of bed. He watches what he eats, never skips a workout, and meticulously tracks his progress. For the athletic man, we like the Nike+ SportWatch GPS. The high-tech device includes a pedometer, heart rate monitor, pace tracker, timer, calorie counter, run reminders, and a whole lot more. It’s like having a personal running coach on your wrist.  (WWW)

Christmas Gift Idea #4 – For The Gadget Guy

What you really want for Christmas this year is to get your guy the hell out of the house. You’re pretty sure he’s left a permanent indentation on the couch, and you’re not going to stand for it any more. Encourage him to fill his lungs with fresh air by gifting him with the incredibly cool B Remote-Controlled Flying Car. He’ll be flying out the front door faster than you can say “You’re welcome, honey!”  (Price: $560.00 BUY)

Christmas Gift Idea #5 – For The Breaking Bad Guy

Is there a guy anywhere on the planet who hasn’t fallen under the blue-tinted spell of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman? Admit it: you’re a fan too, and you’d be perfectly happy to spend the night curled up on the cough with your man marathoning the complete series of Breaking Bad. It’s ok to get him self-serving gifts every once in a while…we promise we won’t tell.  (Price: $119.20 BUY)

Christmas Gift Idea #6 – For The Coffee Lover Guy

Some might call his deep, abiding love for good coffee pretentious, but he thinks it’s just common sense and you…well, you’re just happy he has a hobby. This year, surprise him with the Barista Express, designed by world-renowned chef Heston Blumenthal for Sage. The sleek machine has 18 different grind settings to transform beans into world-class espresso in under a minute. If you’re lucky, he might even make you a cup.  (Price: £534.00 BUY)

Christmas Gift Idea #7- For The Lots Of Shoes Guy

So your guy has a shoe fetish that rivals yours and you’re wondering what to get him for the holidays? Look no further. That massive shoe collection isn’t going to last very long if your man doesn’t take proper care of it. Alden’s Polishing Kit has everything he needs to keep his footwear in tip-top shape: two waxed pastes, a horse hair brush, and a shine cloth, all packed into a tan calfskin travel bag.  (Price: £129.00 BUY)

Christmas Gift Idea #8 – For The Refined Drinker Guy

Some guys would probably be happy receiving a six pack, but this is Christmas – it’s time to step up your game. For the refined drinker, go for The Macallan 1824 Series Sienna Scotch Whisky. The bar is set high for Macallan, and they never disappoint. The Sienna is matured in sherry oak casks, and brings subtle notes of vanilla, spices, and fruits including fresh green apples and dates.  (Price: $159.99 BUY)

Christmas Gift Idea #9 – For The Cool Sneaker Guy

Joy to the world – the Nike Air Max 90 Mid 007 has dropped. Nike calls this project “Legends Elevated to New Heights” and we think the sneakerhead in your life will agree. The classic Air Max has been updated with an entirely new silhouette, thanks to a hyper-fuse upper (with a two-part liner for comfort) and an encapsulated Air sole unit. The colour combo is pretty sick, too.  (Price: £115.00 BUY)

Christmas Gift Idea #10 – For The Outdoors Guy

The outdoorsy types can be picky about their gear, but we’re confident the Master-Piece Hedge Back Pack will be a winner. Crafted from high-density woven Cordura nylon canvas and vegetable tanned natural leather, the versatile back pack blends functional details with chic styling. And best of all, it’s both tough and good-looking – just like your guy.  (Price: £209.00 BUY)

Christmas Gift Idea #11 – For the Parents of said Guy

When leaving a good impression counts, it’s time to pull out the big guns (or big bottles, in this case). How about a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut? You can’t go wrong with champagne, especially when it’s packaged in a fun gift case designed to look like a retro refrigerator. You’re bound to win over the parents with your superior taste in bubbly alcoholic beverages.  (Price: $57.90 BUY)

Christmas Gift Idea #12 – For The Beach Loving Guy

You’re not a fan of the lazy beach bum look, but you are a fan of his sun-kissed skin and those muscles honed by hours of surfing. Problem solved: get him the Missoni Home Orson Beach Towel. How many bums have you seen sporting Missoni? None, that’s how many. His days of surf and sand just got a serious designer upgrade.  (Price: $275.00 BUY)

Christmas Gift Idea #13 – For The Hat Wearing Guy

No hat lover’s closet is complete without a classic Panama hat. The Montecristi of Cuence Natural Fedora is an elegant indulgence, meticulously crafted by a single expert weaver over the course of several weeks. They’re durable, breathable, high-quality, and, most importantly, perfect for living out your fantasies that he’s Humphrey Bogart and you’re a siren of the old Hollywood silver screen.  (Price: $225.00 BUY)

Christmas Gift Idea #14 – For The Travelling Suit Guy

Your man loves his suits. So much so that sometimes you’re concerned that in the event of a fire, he might save them before he saves you. What he needs this year is the Midnight Navy Blue Suit Carrier from Want Les Essentiels. The garment bag makes carrying his precious suits a snap, so he can easily grab them in one hand and you in the other as he bolts out of the burning building.  (Price: £425.00 BUY)

Christmas Gift Idea #15 – For The Complete Jerk Of A Guy

You probably shouldn’t be buying this guy a Christmas present at all, but if you just can’t help yourself, we’ve got the perfect gift: a lump of coal. Santa shouldn’t be the only one who gets to gift coal to boys who end up on the naughty list. This year you can steal some of that Santa swag by giving anthracite coal to the man who doesn’t deserve anything else. Good riddance.  (Price: $12.00 BUY)

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