6 Vodka Brands You Need To Know

When you think of vodka, you think of Russia (and maybe some bad decisions you made back in your school days). There’s no doubt Russians know their way around a distillery, but with all that’s going on in that country these days, we think it’s high time you expand your vodka-drinking horizons. Plenty of other countries are producing vodka that’s well worth a tipple, you just haven’t heard about it yet. Next time you want to impress your friends with your worldly taste in spirits, try one of these 6 vodka brands.

Reyka (Iceland)

Vodka brands

Straight from the land of mammoth glaciers and boiling volcanos – aka Iceland – comes the vodka brands Reyka vodka. Reyka has the distinction of being the country’s first distillery, located 45 km outside of Reykjavik in a coastal village called Borgarnes. The vodka is composed of natural resources found locally, filtered through a lava rock filtration system, and made in small batches. Oh, and did we mention that the entire process is powered by geo-thermal energy from the nearby volcanoes? Now that’s a badass way to make booze.

Konik’s Tail (Poland)

 Vodka brands

The Konik is a small breed of Polish horse, once used to help harvest the grains needed to make vodka. Out of that tradition, and from Poland’s 600+ year history of producing vodka, Konik’s Tail creates limited quantities of vodka from a unique blend of three grains. Golden rye, ancient spelt and early winter wheat are the ingredients that give this vodka its distinctive flavour. Konik’s Tail goes to great lengths to ensure the integrity of its super-premium vodka, including filling and labelling each bottle (which is then signed by the Master of the Cellar) by hand.

Chase Distillery (England)

Vodka brands

Voted the World’s Best Vodka by the prestigious San Francisco Spirits Competition, Chase Vodka is the first super premium potato vodka to come out of England. Chase is the only distillery in the UK to produce a premium vodka entirely from seed to bottle, on a family farm in Herefordshire. Following the success of their original vodka, Chase branched out to include Marmalade Vodka, Oak Smoked Vodka, Apple Vodka, and Rhubarb Vodka to its portfolio, as well as fruit liqueurs and several kinds of gin.

Our/Vodka (Sweden)

 Vodka brandsOur/Vodka was started by six entrepreneurs in Stockholm in 2011, who were inspired by the idea of creating a global brand with local roots. The first distillery was built in Berlin three years later and, since then, the Our/Vodka team has worked to expand its presence to other cities. The brand can now be found around the world, in places like Detroit, Amsterdam, London, New York, Melbourne, Miami and New Orleans. The recipe is the same, but each distillery uses native ingredients, giving its product a distinct local character.

Hanson Of Sonoma (USA)

Vodka brands

California’s Sonoma County is primarily known for its wine, but Hanson Of Sonoma is on a mission to change that. The Hanson family hand-crafts small batch vodka distilled from the finest organic grapes, carefully grown and chosen by master blenders for their smoothness and refined taste. Each artsy bottle (in flavours like ginger, mandarin, boysenberry and espresso) is hand stamped and individually signed. So far, Hanson of Sonoma is making a splash. Its many accolades include Best Vodka of Show from the Spirits International Prestige Awards in 2013.

Small Mouth (Australia)

 Vodka brands

“A small mouth doesn’t have room for just anything,” says the website for Small Mouth Vodka, so you’d better be choosy about what you put in it. Small Mouth Vodka is handcrafted in Australia and free from preservatives, as well as artificial additives, colours and flavours. Only premium organic ingredients are used. It is distilled nine times in traditional copper pot stills, before undergoing a charcoal filtration process three times that makes it especially sippable, shakeable and mixable – in other words, Small Mouth vodka is exceptionally drinkable, any way you imbibe.

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