The Hottest Men’s Hairstyles Of 2016 (The Story So Far…)

As men relax on the sartorial rules again this season – mixing high and low pieces for a flexible approach to fashion, the best hairstyles for men in 2016 remain the more traditional ones, but with a bit of ruffle to their feather. From the textured quiff to the part-time slicked, the following four best hairstyles  have been selected for their style, maintenance ease, and of course, versatility. That way, you’ll schmooze on over from the office to weekend without so much as quick hair jusch.

#1 Textured Quiff

TexturedQuiffDying away with the hipster beard, the perfect and neat pompadour is giving way to the textured quiff. It’s a far more manageable, sans fuss approach to the retro-hair, without loosing its towering presence or edginess.

How to get it: To rock a quiff, you need some length through the top. Ask your barber to scissor cut the top, back and sides, leaving medium length throughout. Explain that you’d like to wear your hair a little messy, or textured and not too controlled. It’s about building length through to the top and leaving the sides short with clean edges. For a more dramatic effect, razor in the sides and back, moving from 4-1 depending on how short you want.

How to style it: Start with dry hair and pump some volume-spry into the ends. Then take some matt clay and massage the product gently into the root of the hair with your fingertips. Continue to piece individual strands with your fingers to add definition. Rub your hands together to the spread product and smooth your hands over the sides and back  Finally, use your fingertips to lift your fringe and sweep through from front to back. Be careful not to flatten your style as you go.

#2 Choppy Crop Chop


Another hairstyle big on texture, is the choppy crop. Minus the height of the quiff, the undone hairstyle best for men who seek low-key styling when getting ready in the morning. Again, it’s also great for guys with unruly wavy hair in which strand refuse to stick down or stay in place.

How to get it: Ask your barber to point cut your hair, which will provide more levels and movement to your hair. And then cut shorter at the back and sides. Unlike the quiff, the crop can fall a little forward on the forehead. Or, keep the top quite short (still longer than the back and sides) so it sits nicely without too much height or obscuring too much of the face.

How to style it: For a more refined look, start with damp hair and then blow dry it flat. Add a light spray of hair oil to the dry hair and gently milk out the hair, not forsaking the flatness. For something more dishevelled, add some texturising cream to dry hair, working your fingers through the pieces to create a choppy look. Then, lightly blow-dry your hair, and finish off with a matte paste.

#3 Medium-Long Cut


Long live the nineties. And the seventies, it seems. In cohesion with menswear’s fascination for previous decades, flower-power hippy hair and Nirvana ‘lobbs’ (long-bobs) are taking centre stage this year. The medium-long cut looks exactly how is sounds, falling and cutting between the jawline and shoulder. Despite the length, it’s far from pretty, with a shagginess that Kurt Cobain would be proud of.

How to get it: Grow, baby, grow. You’ll need hair that’s not too thick nor too thin. And, you need to brave the awkward in-between stage, to get the desired length. Once grown, ask barber to add layers – more toward the ends, but nothing overly textured. It’s meant to appear natural and rebellious, not fashion-y.

How to style it: To get the piece-y, care-free look add some some texturising salt spray for something freshly windswept, scrunching it in parts and letting it. But don’t over-style it and refrain for perfectly combing your locks. The length means it can look a little feminine if to kept to neat. For work, tie it tack in low-sat man bun.

#4 Side-Part Slick


While men’s hair this season is embraces texture and movement, the slick side-part is designed for the gent who likes things trim and neat.

A fifties classic, short-back-and-sides in a wet-look takes on further sophistication with the side part, perfect for the corporate office, wedding or dinner party. The best part? Once slicked in place, it’s a low maintenance cut that won’t fall flat throughout the day.

How to get it: Ask your barber for a classic taper or to clipper your hair with an inch length left on the back and sides. As for the top, leave four-five inches on top so it can be neatly parted to the side.

How to style it: With wet hair, follow the direction in which your hair grows with a comb to locate your natural part. Then apply gel or a pomade to create a the wet, slick-look, ensuring it’s even-coverage. Once dried, the hair will stay in place.

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