20 Best Wallets For Men [2016 Edition]

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1 of 20|Thom Browne|US$290 - LINK
2 of 20|Christian Louboutin|£295 - LINK
3 of 20|Valentino|£205 - LINK
4 of 20|Saint Laurent|£129 - LINK
5 of 20|Balenciaga |$263 - LINK
6 of 20|Bao Bao Issey Miyake|£100 - LINK
7 of 20|Paul Smith|£160 - LINK
8 of 20|Burberry|US$302 - LINK
9 of 20|Maison Margiela|US$235 - LINK
10 of 20|Dolce & Gabbana|US$190 - LINK
11 of 20|Berluti|$496 - LINK
12 of 20|Dolce & Gabbana|US$135 - LINK
13 of 20|Lanvin|US$365 - LINK
14 of 20|Alexander McQueen|US$57 - LINK
15 of 20|Maison Margiela|US$235 - LINK
16 of 20|Valentino|US$158 - LINK
17 of 20|Givenchy|US$464 - LINK
18 of 20|Givenchy|US$180 - LINK
19 of 20|Bottega Veneta|$353 - LINK
20 of 20|Gucci|$522 - LINK

A decent wallet is a man’s best friend. If you really think about it, it holds all the money you’ll need to buy that damn dog in the first place. Of course there are general rules and guidelines to buying a quality wallet and none of these involves velcro or nylon.

If you’re in need of a place to put your hard earned pennies then you’re in luck. We’ve scoured the world to hunt down the best wallets for men in 2016 which won’t only cater to a varying degree of tastes but should also outlast your mother-in-law.

What Makes A Good Wallet

There are five key areas to look out for when searching for quality wallets for men: Leather grade, construction, the turnover, pleated corners and creasing. Each one plays a vital role in not just serving its purpose but ensuring that the integrity and longevity of the accessory will stand the test of everyday abuse.

Leather: When it comes to leather grade, try to avoid ‘top grain’ leather as these are hides which have imperfections that have been sanded down and then covered in resin to form a smooth surface. The internal strength is there but it leaves the wallet feeling more like plastic than anything. Full grain leather which has not been corrected is the way to go and it also adds character as it ages naturally.

Construction: Scoping out how the wallet is made is often ignored but just as crucial as the leather grade. Wallets are made in two ways: Turned of Cut Edge. Cut Edge is the shortcut way where leather is cut, stitched together and then resin coated on the edging. When this resin wears away it will reveal frayed leather. Turned is where the leather is thinned down before stitching to create a more seamless bond. It’s a lengthier production process but will last much longer than the latter.

The Turnover: Testing the integrity of a wallet is a must if you’re going to drop a good amount of money on one. One way to do this is to test the width of the turnover (the bend) as well as the stitching position. A narrow turnover is what you should be looking for in a quality wallet as well as stitching which remains central and straight.

Pleated Corners: Another key indicator to a well crafted wallet is its corners. Pleated corners are leather bonding areas on the edge which have been thinned down before being rounded into a strengthened corner – that means no cutting of this area. If the corner is a right angle, it has been poorly made. Avoid at all costs.

Creasing: A good wallet must stand the rigours of everyday use and wear. To determine if this is the case, look for any creases on the leather that have been made by a hot iron on the turned edge stitching and card slots.

On Trend Styles

Wallet trends come and go just like fashion but one mainstay in 2016 is the continual slimming down of the men’s wallet. With pay wave technology pretty much negating the need for thick wads of cash to be carried around, wallets are starting to get thinner to accommodate just the bare essentials like cards. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as bulky wallets filled with receipts from 1999 should no longer be a part of the modern gentleman’s wardrobe.

When looking for the latest wallet for men styles, go with the colours, textures or patterns that best reflects your own personal style. If you’re the conservative type, opt for darker colours with minimalist designs. For the more creative type of guy, take a look at brighter colours, graphics prints or elaborate finishings and chain attachments to show off your unique style.

Although bear in mind that this wallet will go with you from the boardroom to the bar, so what you choose will be a reflection of your personality amongst peers.

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    Bifold fanboy, this is the ugliest list of wallets I’ve ever seen.

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    I think some of the wallets are pretty slick

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    I disagree

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