Luc Wiesman

The letter I’m writing is the sum of zero preparation, a little free time and 100% passion. It’s my way of expressing my dedication to this website, and what it stands for.

The real story is, I like nice things. Always have, probably always will. That’s why D’Marge was created. If you go back through our original posts, you can clearly see in the beginning I hadn’t a clue what I was talking about, however over time, things have improved. We’ve fine tuned the writing style, the different topics and more recently the design.

Today, D’Marge is my way of expressing a passion I’ve had since I was a teen, and whilst I dressed like shit as a teen, there was something stirring inside which would eventually change that.

Every morning before work I spend twenty minutes finding something to write about: a book, a pair of shoes, an old car. Something new, something interesting, something I think men all over the world should know about. Unlikely to be insightful, rather honest and useful in some way.

It’s with this effort I hope to educate, enlighten and inspire men everywhere to give a damn.

God speed, you magnificent bastards.

Luc Wiesman
Founder & Managing Editor

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