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  • footballer
    Cool Design 26 Feb, 2015

    The World’s Greatest Footballers By Butler Artwork Design

    London based Graphic Designer Butler Artwork Design has recreated some of the world’s greatest football players with the help of his trusty Macbook and…

  • redesign_LevitatingSpeaker-MF
    Gadgets 24 Feb, 2015

    Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #16

    Hey discerning dude, we know you like your fashion but D’Marge also showcases the best gadgets of all time – All time! And this week we’re keeping you in t…

  • Mercedes-Benz-AMG-x-Cigarette-Racing-50-Marauder-GT-S-Concept-1
    Gadgets 17 Feb, 2015

    Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #15

    The latest selection of gadgets, fine art pieces and expensive boys toys can be found right here. We’re traversing the spectrum this week, going from a mon…

  • officehero
    Cool Design 12 Feb, 2015

    Step Inside Google’s Slick Dublin Office

    There are work offices and then there are Google work offices. The world’s number one site doesn’t do things in halves when it comes to satisfying the …

  • bike2
    Cool Design 10 Feb, 2015

    Building A Wooden Bike From Scratch

    The intriguing story behind Splinter Bikes started with a 1 Pound bet between wood craftsman Michael Thompson and his friends. They simply said he couldn’t…

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