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  • tv-plasma
    Special Features 23 Jul, 2014

    The Village Idiot’s Guide To Buying A Television

    No man cave or bachelor pad is complete without a killer TV. As much as we love sites like eBay and Craigslist, investing in a new television is not the ti…

  • cool-coffee-machines
    Special Features 12 May, 2014

    10 Cool Coffee Machines For Home or Office

    I love my coffee and there’s nothing like the perfect cup to start the day, but depressingly it’s getting more and more expensive for a simple soy latte….

  • bugatti_italy_kitchenware_diva_red_espresso_coffee_machine_1000__04058_zoom
    Special Features 2 Jul, 2013

    5 Must-haves For The Man-Pad

    For most guys there are a few ‘bare necessities’ that keep us sustained e.g. a PlayStation, some clean sheets, a slab of beer in the fridge. However fo…

  • Racing-Simulator
    Special Features 12 Jun, 2013

    10 Cool Gadgets That Girlfriends Won’t Care About

    We’re living in a golden age of technology, which means it’s tempting to invest in a new gadget every other week. But we know you don’t want to blow …

  • case10
    Special Features 17 Apr, 2013

    10 Fresh Laptop / Macbook Cases [2013 Edition]

    I once saw a man carrying his laptop in a plastic bag. A PLASTIC BAG. If there’s a fashion hell, he’s going to find himself in it. Apple takes great pr…


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