Homewares For Men

Your space is incomplete without some sweet details decorating it. Our Homewares category includes glassware, candles, kitchen utensils, and other home décor essentials.

  • design-twins
    Homewares For Men 2 Mar, 2015

    5 Masculine Pots For Plants

    Having plants in your home is a no-brainer. Not only do they improve air quality, provide colour and texture to your design scheme, and add (literal) life …

  • brendan-ravenhill
    Homewares For Men 20 Aug, 2014

    10 Cool Desk Lamps To Brighten Your Life

    Nothing makes a dreary work day drearier than a poorly lit desk. Think Monday sucks now? Wait ’til you sit down and realize your workspace is even darker t…

  • Header1
    Homewares For Men 1 Aug, 2014

    10 Tumblers Designed For Whiskey Drinking Glory

    So you want to be a total boozy badass? The first step is learning to drink whiskey and – this is the important part, gentlemen - actually enjoy the feel…

  • header 2
    Homewares For Men 29 Jul, 2014

    10 Perfect Housewarming Gifts For Men

    Much has been said about what to get the man who has everything, but what about the man who has nothing? We’re talking about the guy who just moved into a …

  • iStock_000026394081Small
    Homewares For Men 24 Jul, 2014

    8 Cool Beer Glasses That Will Impress Your Mates

    We’re nostalgic for some parts of our youth, but surreptitiously drinking beer out of plastic cups (possibly already used, probably not washed in between…


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