Sail the seven seas and indulge your inner billionaire with our picks for the best speed boats and luxury yachts on the water.

  • astonhero
    Boats 8 Jul, 2015

    Aston Martin Reveal More Of The AM37 Powerboat

    You’d know Aston Martin as the British outfit who build ultra exotic supercars. Well now you can add superboats to the exorbitant equation with the carmake…

    Boats 4 Nov, 2014

    Brands To Know: De Antonio Yachts

    Obviously, somewhere on your to-do list, there is an entry that says “Buy a yacht.” Only you don’t want just any old yacht, because…well…because it…

  • riva-aquarama
    Boats 11 Sep, 2014

    Essential Classics: The Riva Aquarama

    Upon first glance, the Riva Aquarama appears to be a boat. Upon further investigation, the Riva Aquarama is still a boat – but it’s also so much more. …

  • Alen_68_1
    Boats 24 Jun, 2014

    Alen Yacht 68

    Alen Yacht has joined forces with renowned international architects Foster + Partners to create the almighty Alen 68. The project combines innovative tec…

  • Hugo Boss Mast Walk - 11
    Boats 6 Mar, 2014

    Hugo Boss Mast Walk Stunt

    Hugo Boss have released a set of images and video showcasing British yachtsman and part-time daredevil, Alex Thomson, walking up the 30 metre mast of his w…

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