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    Style 22 Sep, 2012

    Grove Skatebacks

    Nowadays it seems like everybody and their grandmothers own iPhones, and it’s starting to get – dare I say it? – boring. Where’s the fun? Where’s the indiv…

  • 461_263336-Fragment
    Style 21 Sep, 2012

    Fragment Blocks iPhone Case

    Ready-made and custom case retailer Uncommon has teamed up with Hiroshi Fujiwara – the man known as the godfather of Harajuku culture – and fragment de…

  • ipad1
    Tech 28 May, 2012

    21 Best iPad Covers & Cases (2012 Edition)

    iPads are like assholes, everyone has one. These covers and cases are the best money can buy. They’re not for the geeks, rather for the glamour types who d…