• 303098_J0731_1074_A-ysl-men-pilot-vintage-sunglasses-1500x1753
    Style 1 Aug, 2012

    YSL Pilot Vintage Aviator Sunglasses

    The aviator look has always been in style and always will be. The YSL Pilot Vintage Sunglasses Men’s Aviators maintain a classic shape but add modern twi…

  • 148869_C6DFN_1000_A-ysl-men-leather-weekend-bag-1500x1753
    Style 5 May, 2012

    YSL Vavin Duffle Bag

    Holy crap, does this bag make a statement! The YSL throws caution (and subtlety) to the wind with the Vavin Duffle Bag, a gorgeous accessory that scream…

  • ysl1
    Style 26 Mar, 2012

    YSL Ycon iPad Case

    The 3rd generation iPad is probably already sold out, but if you didn’t manage to get your hands on one you can console yourself by tricking out your old…

  • 21069M005002_1_1
    Style 22 Feb, 2012

    Yves Saint-Laurent Black Card Case

    I fell for this one the moment I saw it.  I’ve always loved the cigarette-case-as-wallet look, but the Yves Saint-Laurent Black Card Case is an elegant …

  • Style 5 Feb, 2012

    Editor’s Review: 5 Luxury Sneakers for Summer 2012

    If you’re lucky enough to be going into the European summer, then any one of these pairs of sneakers will be sure to make you forget the 3 remaining months of cold weather. These luxury high-top sneakers are a recap of the our favorites which have been featured in the past month.

    One part hip …

  • 247437_CDT0N_1000_A-ysl-mens-leather-travel-bag-1500x1753
    Style 29 Jan, 2012

    YSL Ycon Weekend Bag

    It’s one of life’s greatest mysterious: Where can I find the perfect weekend bag? If Yves Saint Laurent has anything to say about it, it might be right …

  • 174982
    Style 19 Jan, 2012

    Yves Saint Laurent Malibu High Top Sneakers

    Yves Saint Laurent’s Malibu High Top Sneakers are an old-meets-new take on footwear.  The high-top style and ribbed ankle area are a tribute to classic …