Pierucci Men’s Outfitter

Pierucci Men’s Outfitter are one of Australia’s most enduring fashion stories, beginning in 1956 when Italian tailor Tulio Pierucci set-up shop in Perth. Since then, the business has expanded and evolved over the decades to become Pierucci Men’s Outfitters, a one-stop menswear store in Melbourne’s Chapel St, as well as a thriving online business. Family-owned and operated, Pierucci are still producing their legendary men’s suits and shirts as well as stocking a host of cult menswear labels including J Lindberg, Penfield, Gitman Vintage and Loft.

Pierucci are bringing to the menswear retail scene something quite different –  an almost old-world way of menswear retail to a modern market.   As a “Gentleman’s Outfitter”, Pierucci  are launching a store that harks back to days gone by when a well-dressed gent bought all his clothes from one favoured store that catered to his tastes perfectly. Pierucci Men’s Outfitter can dress a man for any occasion – office, wedding or yacht! (WWW)

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