10 Best & Affordable Fashion Basics For Men

I’ve been agonising over this list for about 2 weeks, adding items, taking them off, going to my wardrobe, looking through, deciding, undeciding and so on. So this is my must have men’s fashion basic & staples list based on what I own, wear and love. You’ll be happy that most of these items are CHEAP and all are available to buy online. Enjoy.

1. Topman V-Neck T-shirt

How do I put this… I own over 10 of these. Mostly in white and grey and I throw them out after about 3 months, but for what they cost and how they feel, they are definitely THE BEST basic white t-shirt on the market. The neck is perfect, they look great under a blazer and  you will be hard pressed to find anything better (for the price). (Price: $14.95 BUY)

2. Country Road Knit Sweater

This is my everyday go to work but keep warm knit sweater. I would own about 6 of these in various colours and paired with a basic shirt, jeans and leather lace-ups they’re simply a winner. They seem to last quite a while too so the quality is top notch. (Price: $99 BUY)

3. ASOS Bound Crew Neck Jumper

Have only recently purchased one of these but it’s become my Saturday breakfast staple. A grey sweater is often underrated so we’re here to tell you that you’ll wear this, again and again. Of course not to work, but it’s great for casual. (Price: $40 BUY)

4. Nike Air Max 1

Without a doubt my all-time favourite Nike retro sneaker. The Air Max 1 is light weight, low profile and perfect with jeans or shorts. They have hundreds of colour variations and you can buy most of them on ebay!! Good new is that you can throw them in the washing machine and they come up good as new.  (Price: $120 BUY) 

5. Uniqlo Linen Blazer

Picked up one of these in Singapore this year. Unfortunately I have really long arms and needed to alter it but since then it’s been worn both for work and weekends. The simple deconstructed fit of the blazer (short cut in the body) will fit the solid or thin frame perfectly and it’s light enough for consistant Summer wear.  (Price: $79)

6. Nudie Grim Tim Jeans

The amount of times I have repaired my Nudies is obscene. I should really just toss them out but they fit far too well. If you’re not the skinny jean type then I suggest you get the Slim Jim, but if you’re willing to try a touch less give then the Grim Tim Nudies are an all round winner. (Price: $220 BUY)

7. Jack London Shirt

So many times I’ve forgotten a shirt for a meeting or needed a costume change before going out, Jack London has been there. Their range of shirts are simple, well cut and in a wide range of fabric patterns. When you’re having to wear shirts everyday for work or every weekend for going out, then these are good basics to have in the wardrobe. (Price: $99 BUY)

8. J Crew Brown Leather Belt

After working with J.Crew on a small campaign earlier this year I was lucky enough to pick up a very simple brown belt from their accessories collection. It’s nothing fancy which is why I like it. The buckle is unassuming and the finish of the leather can be dressed up or down.  (Price: $50 BUY)

9. Happy Socks

These little critters are my find of 2012. Happy Socks have been around for ages but I just can’t get enough of them. Bright colours, bold patterns and great cotton. It’s time to give away the shitty black socks and put a little colour in your life.  (Price: $15 BUY)

10.  The Swatch Watch

Laugh all you want but a basic Swatch watch is nothing to be scoffed at. Swatch have a massive range of colour of their New Gent watch that can suit almost any outfit. We’re all for colour, so try some brightness in your accessories. (Price: $75 BUY)

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