10 Best Skin Care Products For Men [2012 Edition]

After 33 years your face can begin to look like it’s got a few ‘city’ miles on the clock, so the best way to avoid that is to use quality products that protect it from the elements. The following products are a selection of my personal favourites and what I think are the best skin care products for men. We’ve got every base covered from shaving, body soap to lip balms. Enjoy.

Skin Care Product #1 – Dermalogica Daily Defense SPF15
This is, hands down, the best everyday skin product on the market. It’s become my go-to post-shave lotion to condition skin, fight ingrown hairs, prevent breakouts, protect against sun damage, and decrease signs of aging.  (Price: $35.00 BUY)

Skin Care Product #2 – Apivita Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Fatigue Face and Eye Cream
Women aren’t the only ones who worry about fine lines, dull skin, and under eye circles. Apivita’s Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Fatigue Face and Eye Cream are the male answers to all those frou-frou ladies products. And as a bonus, they smell amazing.  (Price: €32.80 BUY)

Skin Care Product #3 – Kiehl’s Crème de Corps
Skin care isn’t just about your face (unless you only have skin on your face, in which case you might want to get that checked out by a doctor). Taking care of the skin on your body is equally important. Do it in a budget-friendly way with Kiehl’s Crème de Crops moisturising treatment.  (Price: $15.00 BUY)

Skin Care Product #4 – Shiseido Cleansing Foam
Skin care products can get really complicated. I barely have the patience to read the daily news, much less a hundred-item long list of barely pronounceable ingredients. Thank God for Shiseido’s Cleansing Foam, the perfect no frills, no fuss cleanser.  (Price: $37.00 BUY)

Skin Care Product #5 – Proactiv Repairing Treatment
I know you’re an adult and don’t want to admit you get zits, but today, just for the sake of argument, let’s say you get zits. (You definitely get zits.) Proactiv’s Repairing Treatment is second to none when it comes to clearing up your skin. This product is hard to find on its own, so best you try eBay. (WWW)

Skin Care Product #6 – Cade After Shave Balm
This may come as a surprise to you, but dragging a sharp blade across your face and neck isn’t the most soothing thing you could do to your skin. Cade’s shea butter and birchwood sap After Shave Balm revolutionized my post-shave skin by warding off redness and razor burn.  (Price: $38.00 BUY)

Skin Care Product #7 – VitaMan Organic Lip Moisturiser
If you want to be kissed, you need to pay attention to lip care.  Do your sex life a favor and invest in the VitaMan Organic Lip Moisturiser, made from all-natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil. My lips have never looked back (and neither has my sex life).  (Price: $14.95 BUY)

Skin Care Product #8 – Baxter/Saturdays NYC Beach Soap
Are you an Atlantic Man or a Pacific Man? Or perhaps you’re bi-coastal? Whatever your preferences, the Beach Soap from Baxter and the team at Saturdays has an option for you. Your body will thank you for your new, gentler approach to bathing.  (Price: $8.00 BUY)

Skin Care Product #9 – Aesop Geranium Leaf Duet
I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Aesop’s Geranium Leaf Duet is the best handwash ever. In fact, why stop at your hands? The cleansing/moisturising duo leaves your whole body feeling clean and refreshed. It’s a little pricey, but totally worth it. Trust me.  (Price: $125.00 BUY)

Skin Care Product #10 – Anthony After Sun Soothing Cream
A healthy glow isn’t so healthy if it leaves you with a sunburn and damaged skin. Anthony’s After Sun Soothing Cream is one of the best products I’ve found to keep your skin moist and cool, heal burned skin, and prevent peeling.  (Price: $20.00 BUY)

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