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10 Best iPad Cases & Covers [2013 Edition]

We’ve gone all out this time and hunted down a weird, wonderful and slightly wild set of the best iPad cases and covers. We’re feeling colour in 2013 and we think you should too. But don’t dispair, there’s a few very simple (and expensive) black and brown ipad cases for the safe souls of D’Marge. Enjoy!

iPad Case #1 – Santiago Gonzalez Crocodile iPad Case ($$$$)
Let’s start with something easy. The Santiago Gonzalez Crocodile iPad Case is an effortless way to dress up your Apple tablet. Why not treat your device to a bit of slick, navy crocodile luxury? It’s a no-brainer.  (Price: $1,950.00 BUY)

iPad Case #2 – Pierre Hardy Printed Textured-Leather iPad Case
Like modern art? Like vivid colors and graphic prints? Then you’ll love the Pierre Hardy Printed Textured-Leather iPad Case. The geometric pattern is bright, bold, and supremely contemporary. Because your iPad deserves to have just as much flair as you do.  (Price: $225.00 BUY)

iPad Case #3 – Côte&Ciel Chromatic Contrast Diver Sleeve ($)
The Chromatic Contrast Diver Sleeve from Côte&Ciel is crafted from the label’s Fusion Grip textile and pops with bright colours (grey, mandarin, and indigo blue) inside and out. It’s a stylish protective accessory with a second skin-fit for maximum durability. (Price: €36.00 BUY)

iPad Case #4 – Miniot Cover Mk2
The Miniot Cover Mk2 offers a guaranteed one-of-a-kind look for your iPad. It’s made from real wood, carved from a single piece of one of seven wood species and lined with Ultrasuede. A smart wood hinge magnetically holds it in place and helps turn the Miniot Cover Mk2 into a three way stand.  (WWW)

iPad Case #5 – Bottega Veneta Intrecciato iPad Case
Here we have a piece that is both classic and classy. Bottega Veneta turns their infamous woven leather trademark into the Intrecciato iPad case, a simple, practical, and chic way to protect your iPad from bumps and scratches.  (Price: $612.00 BUY)

iPad Case #6 – Comme Des Garçons Leather iPad Case
You certainly won’t lose sight of your tablet in the Comme Des Garçons Leather iPad Case. That pastel green hue – reminiscent of Easter candy – is a unique and bold burst of color to add to your favorite techy accessory.  (Price: $480.00 BUY)

iPad Case #7 – Dries Van Noten Men’s Contrast Stripe iPad Case
I’ve always loved the striped thing. Multiple stripes, a single stripe…no matter how many there are, it’s a smart look. Dries Van Noten has put together a great-looking blue and black Contrast Stripe iPad Case made from imitation reptile scale leather.  (Price: $561.00 BUY)

iPad Case #8 – Valentino Camo iPad Case
When I think of Valentino, I think of elegant suits and sumptuous fabrics like velvet. I definitely don’t think of canvas camouflage prints. That being said, I like the unusual Valentino move of the khaki-green, taupe, and light blue Camo iPad Case.  (Price: $370.00 BUY)

iPad Case #9 – Saint Laurent Studded iPad Case
Let’s be honest – an iPad is not the most badass, alternative piece of technology in a man’s arsenal. In fact, it’s about as mainstream as it gets. The punk-at-heart need something like the Saint Laurent Studded iPad Case to inject their tech with a little extra attitude.  (Price: $1,777.00 BUY)

iPad Case #10 – Burberry Prorsum Metallic Leather iPad Case
Who doesn’t need a Metallic Leather iPad Case? Especially one branded with the lofty name of Burberry Prorsum? I don’t think I’d want to know the man who couldn’t see the appeal of a slick, electric blue, pouch pocket case for his Apple device.  (Price: $650.00 BUY)


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