BMW R60/2 & Steib S350 Sport Chair

The BMW R60/2 & Steib S350 Sport Chair are the stuff my childhood dreams were made of. I don’t know where it all began, or what exactly captured my imagination about this particular form of transport, but nothing seemed cooler than a bike with a sidecar. This one is from 1961, when BMW upgraded the engine of their 500cc R60 boxer twin and added /2 to the designation. The /2 series, with its 9.5 gallon Heinrich aftermarket tank, has since become one of the most collectable post-WWII BMWs. The Steib S350 Sport Chair is also very rare, with a bullet nose and boat tail back. I can definitely see living out some childhood fantasies on this.  (Price: $42,120.00 WWW)

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