Infiniti G37 Drive Day

In December 2012, myself and 11 other lucky souls were invited on a little jaunt with the carmaker Infiniti. For those of you who do not know, Infiniti is the newest luxury carmaker to hit our shores. Infiniti which is part of the Nissan group have been in the US market for a number of years and have only recently launched in Australia. Infiniti currently have 2 dealerships, one in Melbourne the other in Sydney and are looking to take a slice of the Australian luxury car market.

It should be noted that I was in the company of some of Australia’s most illustrious motoring journalists, who take their driving very seriously, so seriously that their editors ask many of them not to smile whilst on the job.

The Infiniti G37 was our machine for the day. The G37 comes in a standard coupé, a sports coupé and a cabriolet for the hairdressers. It’s as you would expect from a luxury car brand. Lots of go, trimmings and a few small irritations which will be ironed or phased out as the model develops. Now I must make one thing perfectly clear to the D’Marge readers. I’m no motoring journalist and was most definitely not there to review this car. I was simply there to collect my Red Bull Racing baseball cap at the end of the day.

After the introductions, we were given an iPad (as a map) and told to make our way to Hanging Rock (via the backstreets). My co-pilot for the day was David. A wild man who had no problem showing me how it was done, in a car that was not his. However that’s all I can say as what goes on tour stays jammed in the glovebox.

After getting lost due to my horrendous navigating skills we finally made it to Hanging Rock were we were treated to lunch at one of the most amazing non kid friendly homes you have ever seen. Architecturally designed for people who do not make mess. I do believe I had the Barramundi for lunch.

After lunch we took the Infiniti G37 Cabriolet for a spin. A very different feel to the sporty coupe but still a stylish drive none the less. What was most surprising was just how quick the hard top roof opened and closed. Sadly my co-pilot persisted on driving with the top down whilst playing music at full noise… through the city in peak hour traffic.  Yes, the G37’s sound system successfully passed the test.

Infiniti are most definitely a newcomer on the scene, and being attached to a Japanese carmaker has its disadvantages when up against ze Germans. Regardless, the market can always do with some new blood. For those who are tired of the 3 series and C-Class, you must atleast drive the Infiniti G37 to see what it’s all about.

For more information about the Infiniti G37 visit the Infiniti website.

Photos from D’Marge’s amazing adventure can be found below. 

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