5 Summer Sandals That Jesus Would Worship

Be honest: you’ve always been a little jealous of Jesus Christ’s sweet style. You’d like to snag a little of that swag for yourself, but you don’t think you could pull off the beard or the long robed look. We can’t all be the Son of God, or rock his sartorial choices as well as he did, but we can at least step into these summer sandals Jesus would probably have loved to wear:

Summer Sandals #1 – Ancient Greek Sandals Jason Sandals
The Greeks have been owning the sandal look since the 8th century BC. The Jason Sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals look like they could have stepped straight out of the Parthenon, but you don’t have to pair them with a toga to get a complete look. Their premium cuts of chemical-free leather look much better with a pair of jeans.  (Price: $191.00 BUY)

Summer Sandals #2 – Paul Smith Shoes & Accessories Fringed Leather Sandals
Trust Paul Smith Shoes & Accessories to come up with a pair of sandals that manages to be both casualwear and formalwear at the same time. The Fringed Leather Sandals feature cork insoles and a strappy leather shape that are made for warm weather, and a loafer-like fringe to bring some class and elegance to the design.  (Price: $585.00 BUY)

Summer Sandals #3 – Pierre Hardy Neon Leather Sandals
At the exact opposite end of the spectrum from Paul Smith’s hyper-sophisticated sandals are Pierre Hardy’s Neon Leather Sandals. The bright orange leather, paired with the iconic Gladiator style, is quirky, fun, and cool. You can let your inner raver kid out without having to sacrifice your grown-up sense of style.   (Price: $355.00 BUY)

Summer Sandals #4 – ASOS Sandals In Leather
Every bit of the ASOS Sandals In Leather – from the upper, to the lining, to the sole – is made from 100% real leather in a beautiful and breathable woven design. Not half bad for a pair of shoes that won’t even set you back $100 and are totally on-trend.  (Price: $59.40 BUY)

Summer Sandals #5 – Gucci Leather Horsebit Sandals
It’s hard to remain suave and urbane once the weather starts heating up, but resist the temptation to throw on a douchey pair of cargo shorts and dirt-cheap plastic sandals from the discount store down the street. Try the Gucci Leather Horsebit Sandals instead, which don’t sacrifice style and refinement for comfort.  (Price: $435.00 BUY)

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